Minooka Subaru SPARTACOTE project spotlight

Moosic, PA—Minnooka Subaru is a busy car dealership that recently expanded its service bays to include a new 8,100 sq ft space. This large area is designed to be the drive-thru commercial garage where customers pull in their vehicles for inspection and drop-off. Like any car dealership, high uptime and fast return to service on construction work is of paramount importance to the Subaru dealer’s owner, and this new space was no exception.

New construction Subaru service bay and drive-thru areas.

SPARTACOTE coating systems, the resinous flooring product line manufactured by LATICRETE International, was selected as the go-to flooring product for its fast return to service, its safe, nonslip characteristics, and its customizable colors and textures.

New concrete mechanically profiled to an ICRI CSP 2.

The installers first prepared the existing surface to an ICRI CSP 2 by mechanical profile. This step ensures all surface contaminants are removed. The installers then taped off the walkways. Next, they applied Subaru blue for the primer coat. Following the first coat, they applied a second coat of Subaru blue and then followed that with a 50% broadcast of the Midnight Blue chips into the Subaru blue primer coats with a chip hopper gun. They then allowed the materials to cure. Next, they taped down outlines for the safety yellow line striping. The installers used SPARTACOTE Flex SB clear to lock in the color. Then, they applied three SPARTACOTE Flex SB Safety Yellow coats. Immediately thereafter, they pulled the blue tape to delineate the line striping.

Taping off the Safety Yellow Line striping.

The next day, the installers began by taping off the outside of the safety yellow line striping to protect it from the day’s work. They put down protective plastic to cover the walkway areas. Next, they applied medium gray SPARTACOTE Flex PURE and then broadcast the Midnight Blue chips to refusal immediately into the wet resin. Upon cure, the crew scraped the surface in a tri-directional fashion and then cleaned up the excess chip from the surface. Finally, the installers applied a SPARTACOTE Flex PURE clear coat to finish the second day.

Blowing excess Chip from the surface.

On the final day, the coatings crew taped off the lines that go on top of the chips. This comprised of the center line between the two drive-thru lanes as well as the parking lines. They then applied three SPARTACOTE Flex SB coats of Safety Yellow for line striping. Upon cure, they pulled the tape and removed the protective plastic from the walkway areas. Next, they lightly sanded the walkways using a 3M screen. The crew then vacuumed and cleaned the excess dust from the surface. Finally, the crew applied the last SPARTACOTE Flex PURE clear top coat over the entire floor.

Safety Yellow line striping makes for excellent demarcation and parking space outlines.
Safety Yellow line striping delineating the walkway areas.

Minooka Subaru now has a finished floor that offers both employees and customers very high uptime, safe, nonslip properties, and custom Subaru colors. With proper care and easy maintenance, this custom SPARTACOTE floor will last for years in this new commercial space.

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