Achilles Gym To make a you a stronger warrior

Achilles is the strongest warrior in Greece and we want to work on you becoming the most exercised warrior you can be.

One of our managers are thetis which who is also Achilles Mother
And our TRAINER Peleus which is Achilles father as well

In the Achilles gym we focus on you being the strongest warrior you can and we make sure you do your best.

Myth: Two gods Zeus and Poseidon wanted to marry Thetis (Achilles mother) but the prophecy was that thetis child will be greater than his father so Poseidon and Zeus decided to withdraw Thetis wanted him Achilles to be immortal so she dipped him in the river Styx.But she forgot to dip his heel and that was the only part of him that was still mortal.In the Trojan war Achilles commanded 50 ships being one of Greeks strongest heroes in the Trojan war.Than Hector manages to kill Achilles by shooting him with an arrow in the heel because it is the only vulnerable part on his body because his mom forgot to cover his heel in the river.

Then there is the shield of achilles the symbol of our BUSINESS

And he had a son named Pyrrhus he is also the membership clerk

Achilles has no spouse aswell


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