United States of America

The United States colonized a sizable portion of northern america and conquered or purchased vast amounts of land. In their colonization, they colonized France, Spain, Mexico, Texas, the UK, Hawaii and Russia. The US was a "global player" the colonizable lands were all gobbled up by someone else. The US, however, being highly self sufficient at home simply never needed those lands.

The United States bought out the land from the different countries. The colonization ended in 1865. The influences of colonization that are seen are mixes of cultures and different foods brought from around the world because there is no one originated race or religion. The US was greatly influenced by a mix of everywhere they colonized because they were able to bring back different foods and different ways of doing things.

The information was gathered from History.com, quora.com, guampedia.com, learner.org, and teachingushistory.org.


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