THEMES Marty Beemster

Theme 1: Desperation leads to Regret

"He wasted no time in losing control of the bike, sliding across the ice, and lying facedown on the road. When he didn't move, Rudy looked at Liesel with alarm. "Crucified Christ," he said, "I think we might have killed him!" He crept slowly out, removed the basket, and they made their getaway. (Zusak 163)

After Rudy and Liesel join a group of theifs that steals food for people that can't afford it they get a idea of stealing from this Otto kid. Rudy put water on the sidewalk and it iced over a kid who brings food for the priests at a church. When he slips and falls down off his bike a quick panic and regret falls over them by them thinking they just killed a kid trying to preform a good deed. They still go through with the plan and steals the basket of food and later while having a conversation after their feast, Liesel admits she feels guilty for what they did. With them becoming desperate with no food being found or bought they get desperate and they need to take risks to survive.

This article is saying what I have in the above article. It sums up that desperation can make you do events that if you were thinking straight you would never do. The example it had on the website is that if you were tight on money you would end up doing anything just to make some extra cash. After you get out of that situation in may come back and haunt you in your later future. It seems to be wait til things get better than take a risk you might regret later.

THEME 2: Censorship can cause and stop conflict

"'I hate the Fuhrer,' she said. 'I hate him.' And Hans Huberman? What did he do? What did he say?... He clenched his eyes. Then opened them. He slapped Liesel Meminger squarely in the face. 'Don't ever say that!'" (Zuzak 115,116).

In this quote from The Book Thief their has to be censorship in the family because if Liesel said that in front a supporter or a Nazi this would end differently. They would maybe take Liesel away from her family and/or kill her. At this time in Germany people could get in major trouble by saying this kind of stuff in public. This kind of censorship can save Liesel from getting hurt by the government by saying the kind of stuff she has done. So there has to be censorship in the family or their would be worst outcomes.

In this article censorship can hurt by people thinking it could hurt people emotionally by having their work censored from the public eye. But it was also felt like it may be necessary, with the things the public can see that is on TV and the internet. The public is mostly concerned at what the children can see it they can see when they go on the internet. If the truth came out the public may have a out cry and the government feels like they need to be protected.

Theme 3: Risk vs. reward

"Toward the end, Hans Hubermann looked at Liesel Meminger and made certain she was focused. He gave her a list of consequences. 'If you tell anyone about that man...' Her teacher. Rudy. It didn't matter whom. What mattered was that all were punishable." (Zusak 203)

In this passage in the book it tells that the Hubermann's are taking a big risk by hiding a jew. During this time in history housing a jew would be punishable. Many things could go wrong, from someone seeing him, to someone mentioning him by accident, or the Liesel's temptation to say something would be to great. The risk against this is very high and can lead to consequences for everyone in the family. In this situation I think the reward may be great if they can get away with it.

In this article it gave a example on real world risk and rewards in the world. In the article it said in summary that in your life you will have to take some risks. But the question is, are those risks worth a shot. Will the reward outweigh the risk. Sometimes in life you will be given a option with a potential risk and a potential reward.

Theme Summative: Risk Vs. Reward

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