Week 5... Lost in a whirl of breakout rooms. Again!!

Maths this week was a mixture of 2D shapes and division with remainders.
In science, we tried sorting invertebrates. There are so many of them, it’s very hard to keep track of the names and some of the features are so similar it’s often hard to know what to call them anyway! AAAAAaaaaaRrrrrGgggghhhhh was one term used when we showed a picture of one particular animal... you can guess what it was.
Still looking at online safety, we looked cyber bullying. This will need some thought as we came to the conclusion it is very hard to do anything about. We need strategies for resilience! One even came up with the idea of an app to help those being bullied on line. A fab idea!
Our English was meant to be an explanation of how a dam worked! We tried summarising a model explanation but found it quite hard. We had a go at correcting an attempt at turning our notes back into sentences!
We had a go at some map reading on the basis that a team of people planning a dam should know where it’s going to go...
We had a think about our mantle story and the different points of view over the dam. Cyrene came up with farmers, builders, residents, people living in nearby towns, people worried about the environment... In breakout room groups, we took one of those sets of people and noted down what we thought they might be thinking. We were then going to turn this into a newspaper article but then I looked at the faces of the children on screen and in the room. Let’s just say there are some tired people at the moment!
Else where, PE and Spanish took place with some great joining in from those at home!