Tour of the Harn By brian cerny

Medium of the Art

Top Left: Day of the Dead Tree with Figures / Top Middle: Northeast Gorge at Appledore / Top Right: Portrait of Frida Kahlo in Front of Her Painting Earth Goddess, Frida and Diego / Middle: Seated Buddha / Bottom left: Irving J. Goffman Garden / Bottom Right: Kuba People Masks

The different mediums of art at the Harn Museum ranged from paintings and photography to sculpture and even living plants. The pictures obviously cannot do these works of art justice; seeing them in person allowed me to get a better appreciation for them. The garden with live plants was a sanctuary for me inside the bland walled building. I love plants and was not expecting to see this work of art when I rounded the corner. It is a bold way of saying that art is not limited to what we can make with our hands, and that nature is art in its own way. My second and third favorite mediums were the paintings and the masks made of wood and copper. I enjoy painting and I've made a similar clay mask to the masks of the Kuba people.


Design of the Museum

Inviting lighting beams across the glossy wooden flooring and highlights the palm carved from stone

My favorite part of the museum was the Japanese wing almost entirely because of the layout of the room, the type of flooring, and the lighting. The room expanded outward in a similar fashion to a baseball field, which made it more inviting to enter. The floor was wooden and had a firm tap to it that made the room feel more open. The back wall was lined with windows that let in the perfect amount of light to top off the setting. In the center laid a massive rock sculpture of a trunk of a palm tree surrounded by river rocks. I believe the artist brought in the palm in order to connect with entering Floridians saying: "We come from similar subtropics and appreciate your natural area, now see what you think of our culture." The overall feeling I got from the Japanese wing was that of peace and confidence. I think the confidence came from me feeling as if I was in a room in part of my own dream home.


Art and Core Values

Seated Buddha

The Seated Buddha sculpture appeals to some of my core values such as peace, love, and acceptance. Many people would see this work of art as just a man meditating, but because I have done a little bit of research into buddhism, I have a greater understanding of what Buddha stands/sits for. He was a very accepting man and could see past childish issues such as not liking someone based on the color of their skin or their sexual orientation which I appreciate. With his head tilted down, the artist is asserting that this was a time of deep meditation for Buddha. His raised hand indicates that he is welcoming the spirits into his body. I would like to become more spiritual and this work of art reminded me that I need to be making a conscious effort every day to do so.


Art and the Good Life

Northeast Gorge at Appledore

When I first saw this painting I envisioned myself as the man swimming in the tide pool. What a perfect setting it shows the man surrounded by. I have watched hundreds of youtube videos of the Californian/ Hawaiian lifestyle to attempt to capture what it must have been like to grow up there. I come from a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, which was a good place to grow up, but I always knew I would be so much happier on the ocean. It communicates the message of the good life to me for that reason. The impressionistic style allows the viewer to make their own "HD" vision in their minds of how the actual cliff would look in real life, allowing for us to use our own imaginations and creativity. I think impressionist works can give a more personal connection to the art for this reason. It allows us to fill in the blanks with our vision of what the good life looks like at that point in time.

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Brian Cerny

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