The Creative Coop From the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce

Your Chamber Membership is now your Brand's Secret Weapon.

Introducing the new Creative Coop service exclusively for Chamber of Commerce Members. It's a powerful new Chamber membership benefit elevating members' quality of video advertising to a national a fraction of the cost.

Membership now means more.

How it works

The Creative Coop grants small businesses access to the same creative professionals that national brands use to produce their :30 second ad campaigns for television, web and radio for a fraction of the cost by leveraging the power of the community found in their Chamber of Commerce. Chamber Members save up to 60% on service costs compared to non-members through cost sharing.

Participants choose between two ad packages, at a reduced one time fee of their choice, and receive a :30 Second Commercial in TV, Web, and Radio formats that they can use to market their business. Check out the package options below:

Package 01 - The Cine' Ad

Bold and Visually Stunning. Give your company or cause national appeal in this captivating cinema-style ad. Work with Fire Tribe's producers and film crew to script and film an ad that elevates your brand. The end product: A professionally produced :30 sec ad, professionally narrated, paired with Hollywood level cinematography and music.

What's included:

  • Script Editing Services
  • 1/2 Day with a Film Crew
  • Coop Film Day - A production day shared by the coop participants to collect high end aerial scenic, slow motion capture, and timelapse photography for each Creative Coop Ad
  • :30 Sec Ad produced, filmed and formatted for any television, social media or web outlet.
  • :30 Sec Ad Radio Version
  • Ad Placement on the Chamber Facebook and Youtube Channels
  • Global Rights to the media produced to released to the public

Package 02 - Fusion Ad

Combine your pre-existing photography with Fire Tribe's film vaults to create a stunning and dynamic Fusion Ad. Chamber Members work with Fire Tribe's producers and motion designers to write and animate a :30 Sec Ad combining preshot photography and footage, infused in a Chamber of Commerce theme, modified to fit the Chamber Member's brand. The result: An incredibly cost effective, yet high-end ad loaded with production value.

What's included:

  • Script Editing Services
  • Access to Fire Tribe's footage vaults
  • :30 Sec Ad produced, animated and formatted for any television, social media or web outlet.
  • :30 Sec Ad Radio Version
  • Ad Placement on the Chamber Facebook and Youtube Channels
  • Global Rights to the media produced to released to the public.
Power through Partnership.

Give your business the media makeover it deserves.

Team up with your fellow Chamber Members to make your small business' next ad with the same creative professionals trusted by the nation's biggest brands. Click the link below to get started now!

To participate, get pricing and more, simply (click here)  and fill out the online order form. Or contact the Cody Chamber of Commerce via email at or call (307) 587-2777 and ask about getting your company's ad produced through the Creative Coop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out some common questions below about the Chamber of Commerce's Creative Coop.

Q: What's the difference between a Fusion Ad Package and a Cine' Ad Package?

A: The Cine' Ad Package requires a film crew to come and shoot an ad on location. A Fusion Ad is done completely on our editing systems by our post production team. While both pack great value, the difference is one requires more service than the other, and is slightly more custom than the other.

Q: How does the Creative Coop save us money?

A: The creative professionals at Fire Tribe, inc. work heavily in upper tier television, film, and corporate markets on a regular basis. When working in a demanding field like the television and film industry it can cause our rates to get too high for small businesses to afford. What the Creative Coop does is pool Chamber Members' funds up to give them more buying power and thus purchase our time. The Coop saves local businesses up to 60% of what they would pay for us to do the work by traditional means.

Q: Who are the creative professionals behind the Creative Coop?

A: The Creative Coop program is made possible by the creative team at Fire Tribe, inc. and it's partners. Our company began in Cody, WY and provides creative services throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Fire Tribe is a company made up of writers, producers, cinematographers and editors who have worked with some of the largest names in entertainment and corporate world. Some of the clients they've worked with range from corporations like Microsoft, Cisco, Holiday Inn, to television networks like FOX, NBC, and History Channel.

Q: How did this program come about?

A: Small businesses need to have access to powerful marketing services, like their larger competitors do, in order to hold their own in the marketplace.

In order to serve the this market, we faced having to provide our high end services for far less than was sustainable. So we approached the Chamber of Commerce with an idea where everyone can win. Through our Creative Coop program, small businesses can get the services they need to compete against large businesses with bigger advertising budgets by pooling their advertising resources with other Chamber members to purchase our time. After all isn't that what being a Chamber Member is about? Forwarding your businesses and supporting the others around you? So we found that with a little coordination between Fire Tribe and the Chamber via the Coop, Members can now gain access to world class creative services, get more out of their membership, and their Chamber community.

Q: What about other Chamber members and local Creatives? How do they fit into the Creative Coop?

A: The point of the Creative Coop is to help small businesses get started with media marketing by leveraging community. If you already have partnerships formed with Creatives, we encourage you to continue to work with them. We simply had an idea that made the creative process easier with affordable fixed costs and we brought it to the Chamber to benefit the Chamber Community. This program also provides work for additional local Creatives outside of our firm and may even provide more work for some of the Creatives you already work with. The Coop is simply one option for businesses looking for an easy and streamline framework to get started with their television, radio, and web marketing. We encourage businesses to go further with exploring the Chamber's deep bench of Creatives starting at this link:

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