Koperasi Agrotek Malaysian Bhd celebrate the the birth of your child


O Allah, verily You have given us a son. You alone know what You have given and what has been granted, and (You alone know everything about) whatever You create. So accept (our offering offered) in accordance with Your command and the traditions of Your prophet and messenger (blessings of Allah be on him and on his children), and keep away the accursed Shaytan from us. This blood is pouring out for Your sake only (a.s.) there is no partner to share (it) with You, O my Allah, praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. O my Allah, this meat (instead of) his meat, this blood (instead of) his blood, these bones (instead of) his bones., these hair (instead of) his hair, this skin (instead of) his skin (are offered to You), so O my Allah, accept this (sacrifice) instead of the sacrifice of our child..

The birth of a baby is a wonderful time for all families. A time of celebration and faith, particularly in gratitude upon having a child that meets the sunnah of the Prophet.

However, In this fast paced, busy world we live, sometimes responsibilities as Muslims and parents can be overlooked. Especially in regard to Aqiqah, where it may be practically difficult to make sacrifice by slaughtering a live animal on the birth of a child.

According to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), performing Aqiqah and contributing its meat for charity, especially when it is enjoyed by our Muslim brotherhood of the poor and hungry, will be able to add another blessing and strengthen the family ties and affection among Muslims.

Koperasi Agrotek Malaysia Berhad’s Aqiqah program now enables our brothers and sisters to celebrate the birth of their children and share the joy with wider, more needy Muslim community.

Koperasi Agrotek Malaysia Berhard Limited ("Koagro")

As a Malaysian registered Co-Operative, Koagro focus on operations that primarily assist national economic growth for the nation of Malaysia, as well as the traditional and cultural needs of its core members.

It has an enormous depth of experience, with a team of expert professionals who manage the cooperative, ensuring all investments benefit their members.

From its base of agriculture, providing food security solutions to Malaysia, and the wider ASEAN region, particularly, through its subsidiary Grant Agri Group, Koargo has established itself as a leader in the livestock and Halal meat industry.

Muslim consumers have given an increased attention to their foods particularly the need for them to be considered Barakah. It has long been the goal of the Malaysian Government to establish Malaysia as a global Halal hub for the promotion, distribution and production of Halal products and services to the Muslim countries all over the world. Koargo is committed to this goal, particularly in making Malaysia a global Halal hub in meat.

What is Aqiqah?

Aqiqah, is Islamic tradition of the sacrifice of a goat or sheep on the occasion of a child’s birth. Aqiqah is highly encouraged, and it is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions used to perform Aqiqah when they were bestowed with a newborn.

Allah the almighty has bestowed us with this blessing in the form of the newborn child therefore by performing Aqiqah we are being thankful to Allah (the almighty) and seeking protection from him.

The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "Two sheep which resemble each other are to be sacrificed for a boy and one for a girl." (Sunan Abu Dawood Book 15, No. 2830)

“A baby is being pledged for his Aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved, and a name is given him". Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him)

It is accepted that if one cannot slaughter on the seventh day, Aqiqah can be performed on the fourteenth day or on the twenty-first day and so on. Aqiqah should be however conducted before the child reaches puberty

Aqiqah is a form of ibadah, blended with a sense of gratitude towards the Creator Allah. Aqiqah is an expression of graditude for the favour bestowed if the birth of a child.

This is why it is an accepted practice that meat of the Aqiqah is shared with the poor and needy. Other good intentions made include sadaqah which is equal to the weight of the child’s shaven hair in silver.

“The meat of Aqiqah should be divided into three shares, one share for the organizer of the Aqiqah, one for his relatives and one for miskīn. However this is preferential, not essential. If the organzier wants, he can cook the entire meat at his home or alternatively can also distribute it all to others” A’la Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 20. Pp 584)

Aqiqah is a sign of good intention.

والقصد من مسلمين أفضل من صنيعه

Koagro Aqiqah Offering

Koargo offers an online service to its members and wider ASEAN Muslim brotherhood. What’s in the Package ?

  1. The sacrifice of one or two Aqiqah live animals (depending on sex “boy or a girl”).
  2. A selection of goats, sheep or cattle. Pricing is based on the weight of the animal, with Value, Standard and Superior pricing packages.
  3. The distribution of the meat obtained from the Aqiqah to poor and needy Muslim communities within Malaysia and the wider Asean region.
  4. The distribution of portion of the meat obtained from the Aqiqah to the family and relatives, on request (extra cost).
  5. The value equal to the weight in silver of your child’s hair distributed to the needy as sadaqah, included in the Aqiqah cost.
  6. Pictures of the Aqiqah animal being slaughtered together with a Certificate of Aqiqah.
  7. Video service for the slaughter on request. The service at an additional cost.

Live Animals

Koagro, through its subsidiary Grant Agri conducts the management of livestock, goats, sheep and cattle, as well as Halal certified slaughter.

It has a fully integrated livestock system, which sets it self apart from all other groups that offer online Aqiqah services. This ensures that the conditions that should be applied to the Udhiyah of the Aqiqah are met.

All livestock are clean, healthy, specified within the age period as namely, goats and sheep are at least one year old. Livestock are predominately bred and originate from Australia.

Aqiqah Slaughter

Animals are slaughtered strictly according to Halal standards in processing facilities certified and or managed by Grant Agri across Australia and Malaysia.

Aqiqah Meat

Meat of the Aqiqah is frozen and boxed for distribution to needy Muslim communities in Malaysia and the wider Asean region. Where requested portion of the meat can be delivered to the family and relatives.

The importance of Co-Operative: A trusted partner

Since the cooperative movement was first introduced in Malaysia approximately eighty five years ago, there is no doubt that it has had a positive impact on Malaysia’s economic and social development. The characteristic of being community-centered and catering to those most vulnerable to economic vagaries has rendered cooperatives as valuable institutions in promoting agricultural development and trade, the creation of employment opportunities and in advancing the social and economic positions of societies in general. The Aqiqah program is important to Koagro for these reasons.


Dato Abdul Haadi Azhar

  1. Email: haadi@grantagri.co
  2. Mobile Malaysia: +601 07 600 234

Colin Grant

  1. Email: colin@grantagri.com
  2. Mobile Australia: +61487 895 600

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