My Moses Staff by: Anna brown

Moses was a very important person in the Bible and his staff was very important to him. in most stories about him, his staff is mentioned.

I chose Moses's staff because of his role in the Bible. His staff is not mentioned in the chapters that talk about him, but I would imagine that it was very simple and not many designs. It was also very smooth and worn out. THe first time that his staff is mentionedis in Exodus 4:2 when Moses is standing infront the burning bushwhen God said to him "what's in your hand?" and Moses tells him that it is a staff. Then the burning bush turned into a snake and it slithered away. THat is the reason for the snake on the staff that I'm creating. His staff is also mentioned when he parts the Red sea with it to get all of the people to the other side. I'm going to use the crack in my staff to symbolize the parted sea.

In conclusion, I'm incorperating the parted sea and the snake from the burning bush to resemble the stories that are about Moses.

Day 1:

On the first day, I mostly focused on getting all of the bark off. I did get most of the bark off ,but not all was gone.

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