Dear Sweet Girl

Dear sweet girl.

Life seems perfect

The illusion is so realistic

You have a mommy and a daddy, a little brother too

Oh so little you know

Sadly life goes on and people disguise themselves

You don't know that yet, so small, so innocent


sweet girl

daddy isn't who you thought he was

And mommy is stronger than you could ever imagine

You see, soon your life will change

Walls will begin to crumble

the illusion will come crashing down

You always thought daddy was a super hero

He always seemed to be there to protect you

turns out, hes actually the villain with a little sidekick named heroin

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is no happy ending

Daddy doesnt get better he gets worse

Daddy isn't niceā€¦ In fact daddy is horrible

A murder of hopes, dreams, people

Sweet girl

you dont know yet

when mommy says she accidentally fell, shes lying to keep you safe

You finally see the truth

Those bruises that mommy had were only the marks daddy gave her

But mommy, mommy is so strong

Slammed on the floor time and time again

Mommy always picks herself up

One day she finally decides that her marks arent worth keeping

No more perfect illusion

Mommy finds that she is worth and deserves so much more

sweet girl

Daddy doesnt want you

You will never need daddy anyway

By this time hes put you through hell and back

Because of him its hard for you to trust

Daddy only ruined the beginning of your life, not your whole life

Mommy will fullfill her dreams and bring you along with her

Mommy loves you

Daddy will leave you behind

Oh but later you get a new daddy, more family members

a perfect life

The only thing wrong is you

You decide that you were the reason daddy didnt get better

It was your fault mommy fell so many times

You were the cause of all of the tears

All of the broken promises were all your fault

feeling lost and hopeless

You become like daddy

The murderer

Not taking others lives.. But wanting to take you own.

Sweet girl

you are stronger than that

You overcome this horrible stage in your life

Because of daddy you know that settling isnt good enough

That pain isnt worth a fake life

That drugs aren't worth temporary relief and a complete change of mind

Because of mommy you learn that everytime you fall you must get back up again

you know that no matter how bad the storm is it will always run out of rain

you know that men will never truly be able to define your worth

Only you can

Sweet girl

im sorry to say but all of this has to happen

Its going to happen

You need all of this to happen in order to appreciate the good in life

To be able to recognize the bad

You will push through all of these obstacles and overcome

Sweet girl

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