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Summer @ LeftFoot Coaching Academy

You don't get better in a one week camp.

Our very first intent in 2008, when LeftFoot was founded, was to get rid of the idea that you can just work in a week to improve your skills. Through the years we've done a variety of new ideas, formats and concepts to do one thing: make players better.

Just Us - Just You

LeftFoot 2017 brought us back to some core principles: great coaching, standard scheduling rhythms, and focused intensity throughout the summer. With the Master Coach model we wanted to make sure we're prepared to work with a small group of intense, dedicated players that want to get better together. So it's just the same coaches working with the same players.

The Master Coach Model increases attention to detail across the Academy
Students, Members & Clients

How & When to Get Enrolled

Student Enrollment

For Academy Students on a LeftFoot 2017 Tuition Plan you can begin reserving your spot in the Summer Academy on February 22nd, 2017.

Your Coupon Codes will be sent you via our Zen Desk Ticketing System based on your Tuition Plan Enrollment. The cost of the course you enroll in has a $50 Camp Fee, which is applied in your Coupon Code when you check out. Students will have until March 1st for Priority Enrollment before Clients and Members have access.

Tuition Plan Coupon Discounts

  • Platinum Discount : $545
  • Gold Discount : $450
  • Silver Discount : $260
  • Bronze Discount: $260
The Master Coach Model allows plenty of groups, one on one attention and play to bring out our best.

Members of LeftFoot can either be identified as paying LeftFoot6 ($129+ tax) or the LeftFoot 2017 Membership. Enrollment will open March 1st for Summer courses. Members receive a $50 Coupon for Summer Enrollment.


If you don't have a Membership, don't want one or just want Summer Programming, you can enroll your player(s) beginning March 15th at full price for any remaining spots in the LeftFoot Summer 2017. There will be a $50 Camp Fee added to your program cost to adjust for facilities, insurance, and fees.

Summer is included in the Tuition Plan by means of a coupon
LeftFoot 2017 Summer Programming

For the past two years we've developed the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association, Ms. Soccer in both Class A and Class AA. The Star-Tribune Player of Year in 2016 & 2015 both trained in programs that were designed to make great players better through consistent summer programming that is unmatched in Minnesota. We took the best of the best programming and designed to work with you in an easy to use process.

College Prep, Summer Days, and Morning Workouts
Spend the summer with LeftFoot

LeftFoot BootCamp™

7:45am - 9am Monday - Thursday

Morning sessions with High school varsity & college players get us all ready for the season. This twice a week morning session integrates speed, skills, and our dynamic programming for 16 players to work with our Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo, from June through August to get ready for the season. We focus on 1v1 and 2v2 skills that include all the Academy topics: FootSkills, BallStriking, Aerial Warfare and Spatial Awareness.

Small groups of 4 players cycle through all four topics of the Academy to make the complete player every week
Options for long term development is part of the LeftFoot Way...

LeftFoot Accelerator™

Our One Week "Camp" isn't like anything else in Minnesota
9am - 11am Monday thru Thursday

Choose from four Accelerators through the summer to work on FootSkills, BallStriking and the Great Player Series. The Ball Striking Accelerator focuses on the our Five Strikes Techniques™ that is known as the hallmark of LeftFoot Coaching Academy. This focused one week accelerator won't make you an overnight sensation, but you'll learn how to knock the snot out of the ball. Each Accelerator includes 2 One on One Coaching sessions per week as part of our design.

We study the details, we practice the details, we're known for our details.
One on One within a Group Model

LeftFoot Dynamic Training™

Afternoons for Junior & Youth Academy
1-3 pm Monday thru Thursday

Don't like to wake up early? We noticed the best improvement over the years from players that went twice a week in our programs but also had a consistent small group to work with as they developed. The Dynamic Training model allows 16 players to work directly with our Master Coach model through the One on One progressions that are designed to develop consistent skills for both the Youth Academy and Junior Academy progressions. We've taken the Privado concepts from the last two years and made Dynamic Training a Privado for Everyone.

Small groups of 4 players work with the Master Coach Model to accelerate every aspect of their game in a long term progression.
Two months or Two Weeks - Intensives celebrate the mind & body

LeftFoot Intensives™

  • June Performance Prep™
  • July Tryout Prep™
9-11 am for Two Weeks in June or July

The best of the best programming for the summer. These two weeks revitalize your player, inspire and enrich their total experience of the game. From "head" to "toe" we rebuild, redesign and inspire the player to work on their "inner" game and their "outer" game as we get "deep" with Mental Toughness Coaching, performance models, and athletic development to make a player a better person, athlete and celebrate the game we all love.

It's not a camp. It's an experience to make the player a whole person.
Tuition includes the full year of programs and experiences

Summer Should Be Simple.

Summer 2017 at LeftFoot is wrapped up like this. Christian is on the field from 7:45am till 3pm Monday -Thursday with his four - five returning college players working with the entire Academy. How do you want to work with him and his team? Twice a week? Two weeks, One week?

No Sessions, just Summer Programs.

Just Us, Just You!
Created By
Christian Isquierdo


LeftFoot Interns

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