4B8 Maddie Donovan My Trip To America.

I'm Ire Donovan. I traveled from Ireland to American By Ship. I was 22 years old when I came to America . It was so depressing leaving our castle in Ireland and our town. my family and I used to hang out all the time there before we came to America. I traveled in first class. Our family was the most important everybody treated us like we were Royalty. I felt bad for all the people on the lower class that I used to sneak food to them. The first time I saw the Statue of liberty. I was so excited that we were there my mom and dad started to cry. It took a long long long time to get there. I enjoyed that time and I got to meet a lot of new people and friends. It was my Birthday when we got there and I was really sick because I was sneaking food to the people in steerage and I really wanted to go in the Statue of Liberty but I was so sick I could not go in the Statue of Liberty. Now I'm living in Ever Green Park Illinois. Now I'm a basketball player.

This is my castle and old city.
This is the map of Ireland and a four leaf clover.
This is the Statue Of Liberty.

The statue is modeled after liberties the ancient Roman Goodness of freedom. The statue has 7 rays to represent the 7 seas and 7 continents. She stands on a medal chain to represent freedom. The statue was first in France but was shipped to the US where it is now and it was rebuilt in the Us.


Favorite parts of Ellis Island Web Quest.

I liked all the pictures.

I liked all the videos

Sources Ellis Island Brain Pop Jr Google Images.


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