Soul Sessions What's in your soul? let's bring it out!

“Beauty it’s the light that shines out from inside you. When you hold someones gaze, you can see it. Everybody has it, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Soul Sessions are sessions that capture YOU, inside and out. They usually take place at location outside of the studio, a location that brings your soul out, a meaningful place, sometimes it is more than one place and that is fine.

Are you an artist? Maybe you are crafty mom. Maybe you’re doing this for a good cause to raise awareness. Or maybe you are just misunderstood by so many. Whoever you are YOU have a SOUL... and I am here to help you bring it out. A soul session can be for yourself or it can help you share your soul with the world.

Raw emotion. Timeless art.

Sometimes parents want to document their children in a different way other than the typical poses, they want to capture their essence and innocent soul.

Sometimes we need to announce souls becoming one.

Sometimes you need the fun in your soul to come out.

Sometimes our soul just needs to breathe. These are custom to you. Soul Sessions start at $600 but prices vary because they are custom designed with our creative collaboration & include 5 digital downloadable image files. Message, call or text me. 918-541-3542 melodydollarhide@hotmail.com

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Melody Dollarhide

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