Automated Mini Excavator Shotgun With more than 45 years of industrial cleaning experience, MPW provides the necessary equipment and trained personnel to meet your water jetting needs.

MPW’s Automated Mini Excavator Shotgun offers an automated solution for water jetting and surface preparation. The system features a remote operated control box that allows an operator to position and engage the water jet controls.

This mobile system combines a rotary shotgun arm and a mini excavator base for easy mobility to provide a safe and innovative alternative to manual shotgun cleaning. The rubberized track system can position inward, allowing the mini excavator to travel through man doors. The automated controls allow operators to work longer without fatigue from outside the hazard area.

The MPW engineering team can easily customize the automated shotgun to meet a wide array of applications including surface prep and bundle exterior cleaning.

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  • Pressures up to 20k psi
  • Operable with up to 300 horsepower pump
  • Cleaning radius of 360 degrees
  • Vertical reach up to 9.5 feet
  • Horizontal reach up to 10 feet
  • Remote controls for high-pressure water
  • Onboard camera and light system
  • Fits through standard man-way doors


  • Decreases safety-related incidents
  • Removes operator from hazard area
  • Wider cleaning radius and reach
  • Increases productivity
  • Decreases operating cost

Our employees undergo a rigorous training program of both theoretical and practical hands-on training at one of our facilities. MPW ensures precision and efficiency, allowing its customers to continue operations, while minimizing downtime.

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