My Cottage

To start out my project I drew my bird's eye view the so the wall would be easier to make. I didn't want to make a complete square so I did 10x9. I then began to imagine how the room would be like. I made them small because you only sleep in the room's you would wake up and immediately eat breakfast and go out side. I also wanted to make the living room huge so I made it about half the house.

I Made the side next and there is really not a lot to talk about. I didn't want to make a giant window but I wanted big windows so I made a big window but there not connected.

The front again was very easy. It was like the side I just put two windows in but made them smaller so I could put a door

Oh boy the fun part. Calculations. What I did was each wall I added up the window and subtracted them from the area of the wall itself and thats it

For the other two sides I did not make a blueprint of it. While i made mt tinkercad house i Thought that my house needed more windows so thats all I did

All in all Coach V cottage will cost him 870 euro of real money. Not some fake monopoly money. With 9 windows and right next to a lake This house is the price is right.

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