A Tour to Remember VARSHA BHASKER

This is a picture of me in front of my favorite thing about this museum I went to. I loved this so much. Behind me are fossils of extinct shark's jaws! Well, all of them are extinct besides the Great White Shark whose fossil was there as well. When I saw this portion I felt like a kid again. This definitely immersed me into the natural world since it got me thinking about evolution and the different species in our world today because of climate or habitat or survival of the fittest.
I think this was one of the things I didn't necessarily like about the museum because I think that even though it's for educational purposes it doesn't emphasize respecting creatures we share this Earth with. I personally don't think museums help you love, admire, or respect nature without an economical value. If they're separate from economic value then why do guests have to pay? They're helpful for educational purposed, but the reason that these dead butterflies are framed and the reason that there are live frogs in the frog exhibit is to get people's attention to make money.
This museum helped me step out of my comfort zone or everyday life by having exhibits like these. I still think that museums and places like aquariums are more for money making purposes most of the time, but that doesn't mean that they're not beautiful or that they're not helping some species out. The butterfly garden was a breath of fresh air and I was happy to see that these butterflies looked healthy and were looked after properly.

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