Curved Path Project 1 By: Nathan Hartkemeyer

Part 1:

The Goal:

The goal of this robot was to create a robot that can easily create turns of varying degrees (i.e. a large circle-small circle). With this robot we then had to create a code that would do the curves correctly.

Robot Model:

This robot is easily maneuverable and can create sharp-large turns

The Code:

The code not separated
The code when separated


The robot model that was built would be a success and the code would also become a success when paired with the robots model. this would be able to preform sharp to large turns with little to no problems when the maneuver is done.

Part 2:

The goal of this


Trial 1: working on correcting the first curve. Found good turn angle (-5 degrees).

Trial 2: begun working on second turn with a angle change of 5 degrees after a straight motion for a second.

Trial 3: Made adjustments in degrees and speed from the previous trials (first trial 6 rotations turn going at -8 degrees).

The Video:

The Code:


The quality of the robots path was very poor, however; the robot remained relatively on course and was kind of successful in getting close to the goal.


Created with images by skeeze - "swamp cypress trees"

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