Mountain View Adventist College Term 3 Week 10

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Parents and Students,

The editorial for this week comes from two students in Year 4. They had an assignment to write on “How to improve our environment”? I have left the articles just as they wrote them as this is their work. Enjoy the read.

Our local parks are failing and this needs to change. Every day you see at most two children playing in the park. Before children used to love going outside but over the years, children are staying indoors more. They like playing video games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty and other violent games. Even parents are like this, but they are obsessed with social media. This is really unacceptable, and it is unhealthy. If our parks change to be more exciting for children these days, then maybe we would have a healthier community.

The first thing that needs to change in our local park is the size of it. It is too small and if there are many children there to play, there isn’t much room for them all. By having a bigger park, we could have more equipment, and this would mean more kids playing, healthier children and happier parents because they can socialise with their friends while their children play.

The next thing that needs to change, is that the park is too far away from the houses. The park would be better if it was located closer to where people in our community live. This would make it easier for kids and parents to get to the park.

Lastly, the park needs a nice green field for all the children to play the sport that they like. Most of our parks in our local area do not have fields which makes it a bit boring. If there was field, the children that get over playing on the equipment then they would have a big field to run around on.

Join and support me to help save kids and to give them a healthier life. If we can all join together to make these changes, a big park with more equipment, that is closer to our houses and has a big field will really help kids to get away from the video games and outside in the outdoors. ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’- Walt Disney, we’ve dreamt it so let’s do it!

By Isaiah Sheck

Our local park needs a nice, new cricket field because the current one has a short pitch and you cannot hit most boundaries. It’s important that we have a new cricket field because it is a team sport, many people enjoy it and it’s a great Australian sport.

Cricket is a team sport because it encourages people to work together as a team so that they can win the game. They need to work together to decide so that they can get the batsman out or stop the boundaries (4 or 6). Working together is important so that your team can be strong and the community needs to learn to work together as a team too. With a new cricket field it will be better for the community to learn how to play and work together as a team.

Many people in the community enjoy playing and watching cricket. If there was a new cricket field, the community can watch the cricket game comfortably from seating stands to enjoy the game. With a new cricket pitch they could play together and have an enjoyable time with family or friends.

Did you know that cricket is the number one sports for the Aussies? Australians love to watch and play cricket and it’s a part of our Australian culture. Next to our cricket pitch in the local park, we also want barbeques close to the field so that families and friends can enjoy eating an Aussie barbeque while watching our favourite sport. This would be good for our community because it would bring together so many different cultures in our community to play together and to celebrate what it means to be Australian.

As you can see from the reasons I have said, it is important that we get a new cricket field with barbeques in our local park. We will build our community up to become a team.

By Nikhil Awasthy

Congratulations to Year 12 for finishing their years of schooling. Now the last weeks of study before the exams.

I trust everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday.

Middle School Art Comp

The annual Middle School Art Competition winners were announced this week. Congratulations to all the students who submitted artwork!

Years 5-6

3rd - Dakota painted Sunset

2nd - Charlie painted Orange Skies

1st - Kyla-Jade painted Spotted Dolphins

Years 7-8

3rd - Emir drew Samari

2nd - Caryl created Fleur de Coeur

1st - Oscar created As One

Best in Show

Kyla-Jade’s Spotted Dolphins

Term 3 Sport Announcements

CSSA State Oztag Gala Day

On the 29th of August MVAC competed in the CSSA State Oztag Gala Day.

Junior and Senior Girls competed well from start to finish. The girls played really well together and demonstrated great MVAC spirit. Junior Boys competed well throughout the day with great team work. The boys had several wins throughout the round games but fell just short of the finals.

Senior Boys had many great wins from start to finish. The final was a close game with overtime needed to decide the winner. MVAC scored a golden try win the final and take home the overall gala day champions for the state. Well done to our Senior Boys we are very proud of your effort.

‘We had never played as one team in a competition before our first game. Heaps proud of the open girls for playing their hardest and having fun’ Alana.

‘I was determined as soon as I set foot onto that field, because I had to represent my team mates as well as my school and this gave me that extra push on the field to reach my potential’ Joshua B

CSSA Zone Basketball Competition

Throughout term 3 on Tuesday afternoons MVAC is part of a Zone Sporting Competition. This term MVAC entered a team into three divisions of the Basketball competition. Our teams had a fantastic season culminating with all three teams finishing near the top of the results. The Junior Boys lost one game eventually completing the season in second to this team.

The Senior Girls also had an excellent season developing confidence, skills and team work throughout the term. The Girls had one loss to Hills Adventist College in the round games and then played them in the again in the final where they would go onto win the overall CSSA Zone Basketball Competition. Congratulations Senior Girls on an awesome season we are very proud of your effort.

The Senior Boys had another great year on the basketball court representing MVAC with a great deal of pride, sportsmanship and passion. The Senior Boys won all their games eventually moving onto the finals. To put perspective on this finals campaign this would be the fourth year in a row that the Senior Boys made it through to the final losing all previous finals by less than 5 points. We are proud to announce the Senior Boys as the 2018 Zone Basketball Champions. Congratulations boys on another fantastic result we are proud of the way you competed.

Finally, a big thank you must go the supportive parents and the teachers who coached these teams Mrs Jensen, Mrs Q and Mr Guevarra for their support, energy, training and time you have poured into these three teams. In 2019 we are looking to continue these competitive results and positive sporting culture. Look out CSSA Western Metropolitan Zone Basketball Competition in 2019.

‘It was a great experience the boys worked together as a team, both on and off the court. Being champions is because of the hard work we put in’. John M

‘The fear of getting hurt and defeated didn’t matter at the end of the day but the effort you put in does’ Nikiah W

CSSA State Basketball Gala Day

Due to the success of our teams in the Zone Basketball Competition. All 3 teams from MVAC were chosen to represent our CSSA Zone at the State Basketball Gala Day on the 6th of August. Junior Boys competed very well throughout the day. This was highlighted by their team work, passing game, communication and overall sportsmanship demonstrated in each game. Senior Boys had a great competitive outing throughout the round robin section of the competition. Overall, we are really proud of their effort, team work and results. This is the fourth year in a row MVAC Senior Boys have represented the Zone at the State Basketball Gala Day. Senior Girls had a rough start to the day with the team shrinking to only 5 players. However with the MVAC spirit these 5 girls were able to win every game except the top team. Mr Guevarra and I (Mr Jensen) are so proud of what these girls achieved even though exhausted they ran our every game and competed in a fair and tough fashion. Congratulations on finishing 2nd at the CSSA State Basketball Gala Day. Well done to Alana, Kalie, Jamie, Minnie and May.

‘Great Day with lots of fun! Surprised we came second with no subs throughout the day. Basketball isn’t my sport, but I learnt a lot in that day from the other girls’ Alana G.

‘Despite the lack of numbers, our girls pulled through! Literally blood sweat and tears were shed on that court and we came 2nd in the CSSA State Gala Day. Shot Girls!’ Jayme O.

Mountain View Messages

Uniform Shop Holiday Times

Uniform Shop will be open:

Thursday – Friday (4 – 5 October)

Tuesday – Wednesday (9 – 10 October)

Monday (15 October)

Times: 10 – 2:30

Summer Uniform

Lost Property

We have quite a few items in the Lost Property area. Please check incase you have any lost uniform or lunchboxes etc. Any items not collected by Friday October 5 will be placed in seconds, or given to clothing bins.

After School Sport Term 4

We have received funding for this program for Term 4. More details to come soon.


A few things to remember when picking up your child in carline:

1. Please display carline sign, so your child can be called down, ready to hop in the car. If you need a carline sign, contact Mrs Kofeloa via email- Keryn.Kofeloa@mvac.adventist.edu.au

2. Middle and Senior School students do not finish school until 3:20pm so please arrive around 3:30pm so they have enough time to go to their lockers and walk up to carline.

3. Please do not park next to the oval and walk up and collect your child/ren, it is not safe to be walking with children around the carline area. If you don’t want to wait in carline, park on the street and meet your child in walkers line- at the Junior School Play equipment area.

Thank you for your assistance with making carline a smooth and safe process every adfternoon,

Carline Teachers

Term 4 Math Tutoring

If your child requires extra help in Mathematics in Term 4, in preparation for the final exam, please contact Mrs Donat via email: glynis.donat@mvac.adventist.edu.au

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