My Values Hailey cavin

As you can see below, all these pictures showcases some of my favorite memories with my family. I was raised to never abandon your family no matter what that person did, always offer a roof over their head. I would give everything to any family member and not ask for anything in return. I know that they would do the same for me, even with my mistakes.

Dedicated to my Granny

I stand up for equal rights to all humans. Those born with disabilities and those who become disabled in life, are humans too. They are not different from us, they can do most things just like the average Joe, just does it differently. So when I see those who takes away a disabled persons' freedom just for looking or speaking different, I stand up for them.

Standing up equal rights(continued)

There is a beauty in all races, religion, gender, etc. There is at least on reason why people want to live in America, to live freely and to be who they want to be. Even though it has been stated that all men are created equally, today people are still treated unfairly. I grew up in a house, listening to racism from my grandparents because they grew up in a different society. I couldn't stand hearing them say vulgar, cruel words about another race or religion. That is when I decided I am not going to grow up in a way that could potentially hurt others

"10 Breathtaking Underwater Statues and Sculptures." Urban Ghosts Media. N.p., 21 June 2016. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.

Music, a piece of art form that allows those to express emotions into harmony. This is a value to me. It helped me work on what I was feeling on in the inside come out for others here. Every time that I played or sung music, I could feel all the tension of emotions pouring out. Music is also another way to communicate, in Africa they used it to warn other tribes of danger. Music is a protector of me and for other people.

There are a whole list of words that I value, not all have an explanation. I feel the way I grew up helped show what was valuable to me, such as family and love. I can always say that I value a home, a place where I can just be myself without repercussions or judgement. Not everyone have the same values as me, living a whole different story, I am just grateful for the one I have.


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