No Dull Colors By: sierra kazaoka

Her pencil and paper were her home, but everything had

to be perfect says the worn down pencils and

crumbled up papers on her favorite sketch book,

clean of dust; the melody let her soar says the

performance CD’s and the scattered sheets

of music that lay on the floor. She seeks

adventure in nature says the small waterfall next

to her brand new converse, which says she is ready

for anything that she might encounter.

She wishes for kids in the future,

says the baby toys scattered next to her baby cousin

she had laid down for a nap. Darkness wasn't allowed,

say the bright and colorful sunset

that resembles her spontaneous and playful

personality. Constantly cruising through life's problems

says the penny board beneath her black vans. Sports play a

part in her life says the worn down volleyball, but always ready

to dress up says the makeup box that laid on the bathroom floor.

She is artistic and creative, always capturing the moment

says the bright yellow Polaroid camera next to the scattered

pictures on her favorite white bookshelf in the corner of her room.

She is faithful and fills her home with God says the

angel placed on top of the Christmas tree.

Rays of sun, salty waves and jamming out to

her favorite songs with her friends is what she would rather be

doing says the Bose speaker to the left of her favorite bikini

and vibrant sunglasses; there isn't ever a dull day.

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