A Tour of the Harn by: Bjori arapi

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This is a sculpture by Audrey Flack called Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters! It was the first piece that I saw in the museum and I fell in love with it. Seeing a sculpture in real life is magnificent. The way Flack was able to use plaster and polychrome to make a hard substance look squishy and flowing was incredible. I felt amazed and very strong to see this woman stand so tall and powerful.

Design of the Museum

A wing of the museum I particularly enjoyed was the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I loved this exhibit because it was so diverse in the color schemes. Walking into this green wall where the history of Frida is told, only to be shown a massive blue wall with an enormous picture of the famous woman is breathtaking. The black and white photographs of her were also beautiful, so gentile yet sensual. Its an incredible part of the museum.

Art and Core Values

This is a photograph by Ruth Phillips of new Sande Initiates dressed in head ties and beads for their induction ceremony. This appeals to my core values of diversity and embracing the different cultures of those around me that can teach me something new about the world. When I first saw this photograph, I was in awe of these women who looked so strong and powerful.

Art and the Good Life

This magical piece of artwork is called Champ d'acoine (Oat Field) by Claude Monet. This oil painting of a simple field of oats may seem too simple to be considered "the good life", but it's everything I could ever want. My idea of a good life is a life spent outside, away from the noise and stress of the world, being present and basking in creation. What matters most to me is nature, experiencing the planet in its raw beauty. Monet does a fabulous job.

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