Harp seal by Eli plummer

Harp seals are mammals that are colored grey and white. The average height of a harp seal is 1.7 to 2.0 meters tall. The weight of an adult harp seal is 220-400 lbs. Harp seals look fluffy, chubby, and cute. They also are good swimmers.

A adult harp seal

Harp seals have no related family members. Harp seals are carnivores. They mostly eat fish, polar cod, capelin, krill, crustaceans, herring, crabs, and shrimp .They don’t have any unusual eating habits.


Harp seals are found in The Antarctic Ocean. Harp seals need to be where it snows so they can camouflage with their surroundings. Harp seals do not have dens. But, Harp seal do live with others.

a group of harp seals

Harp seals have white fur so they can camouflage. Harp seal also have blubber so it can live in the cold snow. Harp seals have whiskers to find their prey.

baby harp seal

Harp seals are also prey to humans, polar bears, artic foxes, orcas, sharks, and walruses. Harp seals can detect predators and swim high speeds to escape an attack.

Some interesting facts about Harp seals are the young are famous for their coats. Harp seals are named by the markings on their fur. Harp seals move on ice by pulling themselves with their front flippers. Young Harp seals fur traps warm air. Females form large colonies on floating ice and give birth to young.

Harp seals are important in the ocean. Harp seals are an important part of the world.

drawing of a harp seal


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