I'm gonna miss that old truck by : grant gordon

I remember the day my dad brought home his new white Ford F-150. He had just bought the truck from a good friend of our family and we were all so excited. I spent all of my childhood riding in that truck with my dad going hunting, fishing, to our old beach house in Florida and to school everyday and back.

Recently on November 7 we had a sudden storm around the area I live. I was coming home from school that day and once I pulled into my driveway the sky turned super dark and the rain just started pouring down. Once I got into my house about 30 minutes later there was a tornado warning for our area, but we had no power so we could not see where the tornado was. The tornado touched down near Sardis Church Road which is about 3 miles from my house. Luckily the tornado did not come near us, but the winds from the tornado & the storm damaged our backyard really bad. My dad went out to check and see if everything was alright, but came back with bad news. The truck that he had owned for 15 years was now crushed. The winds uprooted a tree in the back of our yard and hit several trees making the biggest tree we had fall onto my dads 2001 Ford F-150. He was devastated and so was I because of all the memories I had with that truck. That truck was one of the first things I learned to drive in and now I can't believe it's gone.

Created By
Grant Gordon

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