Marine Biologist By Chris Wahl

I have chosen to research a career as a Marine Biologist. This Career interests me because we have no idea what lives in the unexplored depths of the ocean
A Marine Biologist can work in a research boat, in a lab, or in the field.
The appropriate attire to work as Marine Biologist, greatly depends on where they are working, if they are working in the lab they would require a lab coat and safety gear supplied by the company, but if your'e working in the field you would require scuba/diving gear that depending on the company could or could not be supplied
To become a Marine Biologist, first you would have to take Zoology, Wildlife Biology and Anatomy and have a bachelors degree in Earth Science
Marine Biologist's starting wages begin at about 28.50/hr and that increases with promotion
Many Marine Biologists will start doing wildlife management and tourism for a summer and then go into lab work.
A Marine Biologist's job is to protect, maintain and discover wildlife.
Some related jobs are, animal care and food scientist
I think this career is accurate because I think its fascinating that we don't know whats down in the depths of the ocean, and it always interested me, in the life and migration patterns of certain marine wildlife

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