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Lesson 1: Play Ground Basics

Why do you think apps are so popular?

Technology has developed very fast over the last few years, an example of this are our cellphones. With new technology there are new discoveries and markets, people started to realize that there are so many things you can do through a mobile device like hearing music, checking the calendar, play games, look on the internet, chat with friends. Thats why they made apps and the fact it, they are really use full, thanks to them we can now do many things at a time. thats why they are popular. Now people use apps for everything.

What purposes do apps ser and what makes them people keep wanting more?

Apps can be use full in so many ways, and each app has a different purpose, wether it is to listen to music, check the weather, message friends, search on the internet, scheduling appointments, placing reminders, even checking how many steps have you take on the day, Most of the apps serve a very use full purpose that help people to organize or even distract. People want more because technically internet and mobile devices are very recent therefore apps too, and we can do things on apps that we would never imagine we could do 50 years or 20 years before! i mean, you can even check your cardiac rate un your phone!, so people are very curious whats comping up next, what will be the new advance.

Regularly used apps, What made you download it in the first place? What need does it meet? ​Write down the problem you think each app solves. What is its purpose?

  • Twitter: I download it to keep up with the news all over the world and mexico, also because there are a lot of funny things people publish.
  • WhatsApp: It helps me to deliver a message to a friend immediately, i can call them and keep in touch with people i havent seen in a while.
  • S health: This app is one of my favorites, it helps me count the steps i've taken during the day, how many glasses of water have i drank, it can check my stress and measure my heart rate, how many hours i slept, i can also make goals in the app and check if i accomplish them.
  • Instagram: I downloaded it to post pictures i like, i can search for friends and see their pictures too.
  • Calendar: Helps me schedule appointments, check for dates, make reminders.

Lesson 2: Naming and identifiers

Idea Storm: You could have ideas about an app that already exists, but maybe you want to know how it works or how to make it better. Write down even the apps you think are impossible or just plain silly.

  • An app where i can take a photo of a plant and it tells me what kind of plant it is.
  • An app that tells me what constellation is above me
  • An app that reminds me to make exercice
  • An app that sends me a notification when theres going to be an eclipse or something cool
  • an app that explains me math
  • An app to wake me up with music, like spotify but with the option to play a playlist at a certain hour.

Lesson 3: Strings

Who's your audience?: Write down who you think each app was designed for. What kind of person would download that app? Do you think the app will meet their needs?

  1. WhatsApp: people up to 13 years old that can chat and want to keep up with friends,
  2. Facebook: this app was created for another purpose than the one it is used as many people know, but now it is to post your life basically, and see other people's life
  3. Twitter: To be aware of new news around you
  4. S Health: People around 14- 50 years old, its purpose is to invite people to improve their health and make them want to be better.
  5. Snapchat: Teenagers, this app is completely for teenagers and some people around 20 because its only purpose is to send temporary photos of what are you doing and take funny pictures.
  6. Calendar: I dont think this app has a year lapse, EVERYONE that wants to organize better their life can use this app.

Lesson 4: Hello World!

Why Apps? Rank them in terms of their UI design. Which apps are easy to use and seem to “just work”? Write down the reasons that some apps are easier to use than others. Compare your notes with other students. Did ​you agree on the reasons?

  • WhatsApp: 10, the buttons used to use whatsApp are very well specified, this app is very easy to use
  • Facebook: 8, It is very easy to move through the app, there are many people of older age that understand how to use this app, which is very surprising due to the fact that Facebook has many uses, but it fails on the facility to know how to edit your information, check private policies, and there are many people who don't know all the facilities you can use in this app. also because the visualization of the app changes a lot whether you use it on the computer or your phone.
  • Instagram: 10, it is very easy to use, you just see pictures and the option buttons on this app are very clear
  • S health: 10, This app is very clear when it speaks of uses, you can easily know where to click depending on what you want to do and what you want to edit and see.
  • Twitter: 9, This app has suffered a lot of updates, one of those released new thing you can do through the app, which i think is not very clear, but even thought this app is basically just posts so it is pretty easy.
  • Snapchat: 9, although this app is very visual there can be a lot of confusion when you want to make changes or check the meaning of certain things. But the main purpose of the app (which is sending pictures) is very easy to do.

We humans are very visual, therefore i think that what makes an app easy to use is its visuals on its buttons and proximity of different facilities available in the app, we humans are very visual, if you use a drawing on a button that has to do with its meaning you facility the use of the app. It also afects on the number of uses you can give to that app.

Lesson 5: First App

What do you want to get out of learning how to code?

How to do apps and learn how to code easily

Lesson 6: Functions

My app will: Will give you options of how to say something in different ways in order to say what you really want, advise you on how to dress depending the situation, also if you are having a conversation and you don't want it to be over or viceversa it gives different topics you can come up.

Because: We've all had a situation where you don't know what to say in order to keep a conversation going, also because this can help autista persons or just people that have trouble expressing themselves or socializing.

App name: What should i say?

Problem: Help people that have social dificuties and people that don't know how to express themselves and don't know what to do.

Lesson 7: Boogiebot

In your app journal, brainstorm about how you might use these features and tools in your apps. Some ways might be obvious. But push yourself to think up ​some totally new applications. What haven’t you seen before?

Maybe you can make a feature of a same robot that speaks to you, or a feature that knows when you fall and remembers you to drink water in order to have a healthier life. something that i haven't seen before is a feature that dances with you

Teacher i don't know if you remember but when we tried to save my Gif my computer wouldn't allow it so you told me to screenshot it and upload it like that

Lesson 8: Constants and Variables

Lesson 9: Types

Lesson 10: Parameters and Results

What makes ​a well-designed app?

An app that besides having a lot of graphics, they are very easy to understand, i think an app must be very visual. It must have just the necessary things and must be very clear, specially on texts.

Write down a few design principles that will be important for your app

Clarity, in what are the uses of the app and the different options and activities you can use inside the app. Also well done images to represent meaning of the buttoms and well used images. One of the most important things is that i will put only the necessary things in order to avoid confusion on the public because well, the app is supposed to help you clearify your ideas in order to know what to say, not to confuse you more.

Lesson 11: Making Decisions

Take yourself on an app hunt

Find an app that has an appealing icon. What makes it appealing?

  • lLINK-with people nearby: I had never seen this app before but i really liked the icon, it is cute, funny and at a fist impression looks serious, you get the idea that this is a serious app and a good one, i liked very much the colors and the símbolo of "chat" gives you the purpose of the app.

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