Go Kart Challenge John Murphy

Problem Statement: Given the time period until seniors graduate, our group of three will create a functioning and stable Go kart. Our Go kart will be produced from materials given and any materials purchased under a $25 group budget. This Go kart will be powered by an 18V drill to cause acceleration, which will be operated with a throttle through a string pulling system. With acceleration, there must be deceleration so a brake system will be made using a similar string pulling system to allow the vehicle reach a safe stop. In order to support the weight of group member we will create the body/frame of the Go kart from ¾in plywood. We will use PVC piping connected to a piece of plywood, attached the axles and wheels that will create a steering mechanism that will allow our Go Kart to turn and have traction with the ground. Finally to add literal bells and whistles, we will use arduino to program the inputs and outputs.


This picture allows us to understand how gears work. It also creates a visual for how our go kart will work via the drill. http://content.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/images/curriculum/Unit-G/UnitG-image9-600px.png
We used this picture because this is how we want our seat to be along with foot brakes. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Go-Kart-1/


This is a top view of our project. It clearly labels each part of the go kart and allows us to have rough measurements. It also describes how each part is connected to the assembly as a whole.
These sketches show the side views of our go- kart with and without a person on them. we also have a front view of the wheels and their pedals, which depicts how the go - kart will maneuver.


This is the base of our go kart being cut out of the shop bot. To be able to cut out our design we had to upload our v-card file, align the wood with the edge of the machine, screw the wood into the board beneath the wood in order to secure it. Most importantly we had to align the wood with the x, y, and z axis's of the shop bot.
This piece is our side piece of our seat. After cutting it out of the shop bot we noticed our slot holes were too small so we had to use the band saw to fix it. We also sanded all of our pieces
This is the vertical bad saw to widen the joints of our pieces that fit into the base of our go kart.
This is when we sanded the joints and holes of our pieces to allow for a better fit.
This is the final picture of our base for our go kart. The next step is to start designing and finishing the acceleration and braking process alongside the wheels and their axles.
Our go-kart with the steering system attached.
Go kart assembled with wheels attached.
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