Andrew Carnegie A captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie was one of the pioneers of the industrial age, providing steel in large quantities to spur the expansion of cities and improving quality of life for countless Americans. Though many people would argue that he was a less than savory character, Overall his contributions to society put him in the category of "Captain of Industry"

Andrew Carnegie donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charity. He donated 50 million to support free public libraries accessible by anyone. He also donated 4 million to support his home town in Scotland, possibly remembering his humble beginnings. He donated 10 million dollars towards a fund with the goal to abolish war called the "Carnegie Peace Endowment"

One of Carnegie's many charitable contributions

Carnegie also had one of the highest average pay for his workers, compared to other industries at the time. at $1.81 per day.

He made many smart choices when it came to running his business, the most important of which was achieving vertical integration, where he controlled every step of the steel making process, so he didn't have to pay any extra money for raw materials or transportation

Though Andrew Carnegie is long past, his organizations and contributions still stand

Carnegie pioneered the mass production of steel, allowing us to build larger and larger structures even today

The concert hall he donated is a popular venue, even today

Carnegie's many libraries he donated contributed to the education of many people, and the libraries are still standing


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