Endangered Species Project Red panda

Red Panda Habitat And How They Live

  • Himalayas
  • In groups
  • In trees

What do red pandas look like?

Well the red panda is a raccoon or fox creature. It's thick fur I'd for the harsh winters. It has black legs and paws and a red coat.

Why does the red panda look that way?

The red panda is a mix between an panda and a raccoon. Most people would think that the red panda is more related to the panda because of its name but actually it is closely related to the raccoon: FUN FACT

The Population

There is a Population of only < 1000 red pandas left in the world. They are decreasing fast and it is not looking good.

Why are they decreasing so rapidly?

People in that area like kill them to only use the red fur for coats and other clothing but they don't know they are ruining a species. Hunters such as humans, Snow Leopard, and the Marten.

How can they be saved?

They can be saved by people no longer hunting them and saving their species. They can also take them into zoos or shelters so the species can grow and thrive.


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