Natural History and Beautiful Butterflies Grant howard

Me posing with frogs

The frog exhibit was the most appealing to me. As it was larger than I imagined and the fact that it is only a temporary section astounds me. It seems very fragile yet its not going to suddenly topple or anything. I realized just how many types of frogs and I especially learned the various colors they come in. I had no idea and would have never known if I hadn't seen all of that in person. Just seeing them online isn't the same as being able to view them in a glass box. It truly astounded me. There was also a virtual reality frog dissector which was extremely neat and I loved being able to do that. I just enjoyed seeing the multiple sections of the museum and how much history can be crammed in such a small place.

Me with dead butterflies:(

I felt we tried to uphold it with the butterfly enclosure yet we still have things like this going on. We are keeping the butterflies in an enclose for our pleasure and are hanging dead ones in a window sill. I think we had the right ideas but should have just left the butterflies alone. It's great to be able to view them but they can't truly be happy in a small little enclose like that. Few people share my thoughts and most just love the enclosure but I didn't enjoy it as much. As I realized we basically had all of these butterflies held prisoner I was sad and wanted to cut a hole open and free them.

Me posing wit a butterfly

I did not approve of the exhibit but it was a surreal experience. I've never been around that many butterflies and it truly helped me get out of the college mind frame. It completely takes us out of our normal mindset because it allows us to explore and see so many things we wouldn't see on a daily basis. I was able to see a giant sharks jaw and sat with floods of butterflies, these things I would never experience on my own. It helps me get a glimpse of what nature could be like and makes me want to get humans out of it so animals can live in the bliss they once did without our interference.

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