Carving by wedad n.

This is an emoji. It have a circle head, two eyes , mouth , teeth and tears from the eyes.

I got the idea from texting on my ipad and I really like what the emojis look like on there.I want it to show how laughing hard can lead to crying.

For inspiration I searched for online.

I customized my design by puting a crown on it.

After i found my picture, I traced it in Photoshop. Then I put it in Easel so the Carvey will know how to carve my design. I used the T for text to add the letters LOL. I put LOL because it means laughing out loud, which is what my emoji is doing.

This is the carving bit. It tells you what size to carve.

This is one of the steps in the process of carving. Here, you can see that the machine has begun carving on the piece of the tile.

This is how it turned out. I'm so proud of myself.

Created By
Wedad N

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