APRIL UPDATE Charles ephraim j. cristobal

Hi! So excited to report to you what had happened this April in our campus ministry!

I just graduated from the School of Campus Ministry! It is a 3-month training program designed to equip missionaries like me to effectively reach out the next generation.
This is one of the preaching classes we had with Ptr. Gilbert Foliente. I am honored that God is using me to preach His Word to the students.
We also made a 1-year strategic plan for our campus assignments and defended it in front of 4 panelists. God has a plan for each student and each campus and we are just recipients of those plans. I am excited how God will redeem students in STI Malolos!
We attended the Discipleship Convergence 2017 held at The MOA Arena. The goal of this event is to empower all Pastors, Missionaries and Leaders to disciple their cities, campuses and even their own families. Around 10,000 people gathered, God is indeed faithful in our nation!
I wish I could encapsulate all the amazing things that happened in our campus ministry this month. I couldn't do this without your continuous prayer and support! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I thank my God whenever I remember you. Philippians 1:3
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