Months To Live Grace Birck

The New York City wind was howling and the snow was blowing, swirling up a frigid winter blizzard. Maddy furiously dialed up Hannah on her cell in her little apartment as the frost on the window grew.

She had just gotten the news… “Hannah has has been diagnosed with cancer.” The words of her mother rang through her ears and spun her into deep sadness and confusion. Maddy had gotten the details that Hannah had stage 4, and only had only months to live.

Maddy was heart broken for her best friend, they had so many memories together and they were all about to be washed away. Hannah doesn't deserve this. Maddy thought to herself.

“First class board please.” The two girls excitedly glanced at each other with mile long smiles as they boarded the plane to explore Hannah's dream destination… Hawaii. Hannah's last trip, and also her first. When the long flight had finally come to a halt, they stepped off by the roaring engines into the fresh Hawaiian air. It was beautiful. The trip was full of laughter, sunny beaches, and Pina Coladas by the pool, but as the deadline reached closer things began to change.

A month later Maddys phone started ringing at 4:00 am. It was Hannah's mom. Maddy knew why she calling and was already rushing in her car to fly to the hospital, she flung open the doors and sprinted to Hannah's room in intensive care.

She stood at the side of her best friends bed holding her hand as the heart machine flat lined. “I'm sorry Maddy.”

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