Nuclear waste By Chandler Blahuczyn

Even though nuclear waste is not a hot topic due to the media with the president it’s still very dangerous and possibly deadly. According to,”Rachael Rettner from Live science, “The amount of radioactive material being released from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan, and the eventual impact it will have on human health, are still being determined.How does nuclear radiation harm the body, and what are the risks from long-term exposure to low levels after an accident? MyHealthNewsDaily spoke with experts about these questions”(Rachael Rettner).

Also Conserve energy stated,”The products of nuclear fission have long half lives, which means that they will continue to be radioactive – and therefore hazardous- for many thousands of years. This means that, if anything were to happen to the waste cylinders in which nuclear waste is stored, this material can be extremely volatile and dangerous for many years to come. Since hazardous nuclear waste is often not sent off to special locations to be stored, this means that it is relatively easy to find, and if anyone with ill intent were to look for nuclear waste to serve unpleasant purposes, they may well be able to find some and use it.(Conserve

Decommissioning nuclear facilities will also create large amounts of radioactive wastes. Many of the world's nuclear sites will require monitoring and protection for centuries after they are closed down. The global volume of spent fuel was 220,000 tonnes in the year 2000, and is growing by approximately 10,000 tonnes annually. Despite billions of dollars of investment in various disposal options, the nuclear industry and governments have failed to come up with a feasible and sustainable solution.


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