May 2018 News on Ford Smith The midtown show, studio gallery, new paintings, upcoming events & more

Ford smith's "Breaking Free" show in one Atlantic center is a hit

This exclusive Ford Smith Show in the heart of Midtown ATL is making waves throughout the city. Don't miss seeing Ford's remarkable paintings in this regal gallery. Visit downtown and make a day of it!

Check out a few highlights from the spectacular opening reception on April 27th...

It was so much fun meeting collectors both old and new! If you missed this reception, we'll schedule another show here with brand new art later this summer, so stay tuned.

The Grand Gallery is located at 1201 W. Peachtree Rd NW, Atlanta GA in the iconic One Atlantic Center building - Lobby level

May through August 2018. Open Monday through Friday 8am - 7:30pm

The Atlanta-Inspired "Metropolitan Pulse" made it's glittering debut at the "Breaking Free" show and was a veritable showstopper.

"Metropolitan Pulse" (48"x 36") original painting in acrylics, will send your pulse racing with his brilliant--almost anatomical--interpretation of the city that seems to expose it's very heartbeat. The contrast of the sparkling, geometric skyscrapers rising from the canopy of fantastical trees and scarlet evening skies is a riveting visual experience.

"Metropolitan Pulse" was created directly from Ford's imagination in his signature expressionist style, but it's evident to viewers who know Atlanta that this painting was inspired by the city he calls home.

Acknowledging Ford's thousands of collectors and fans here in Atlanta over the past 15 years, we're simultaneously making this painting available as a signed, numbered, limited edition. Own the first numbers in this edition of 100 and 10 Artist Proofs.

Meanwhile, back at the studio...

it's clear that Ford Smith is on fire and in the zone.

This new original painting is rising from Ford's imagination in a glittering melange of geometric fantasy, citrusy color and flawless perspective.

"Untitled" Original painting by Ford Smith 48"x 24"

Have a closer look...

He's just getting started on the incredible details of this painting.

Wow, right?

Ford uses only imagination, skill and intuition to paint with his signature free expression. There were no references for this cityscape, as is his typical for any of his paintings. No photos, sketches or studies--often there's not even a plan! However, he did mention that he was inspired by New York City while creating this painting.

The river between the two boroughs is resplendent with sparkling gold flecks and linear reflections of iridescent blues.

It's easy to lose yourself in the finer points and wonder where he's going to go...

Stay tuned!

Of course, even city lovers feel the need to escape...

Meet these new landscapes

They've got just the soul-soothing and grooving aura that transports the viewer to a fantastical Ford Smith retreat.

"Secret to Happiness" Original painting by Ford Smith 30"x 40"

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this one has a million messages ...all of them music to your ears.

"Sun Seekers" Original painting by Ford Smith 24"x 18"

You can almost taste the crisp, clean air that infuses these lofty Ford Smith trademark red trees. Meanwhile, the cobalt sky subtly shimmers with iridescent blues and silvers behind those billowing, frosty clouds. Gaze and breathe deep. Don't you feel better already?

This is a rare, smaller-sized classic Ford Smith original painting. It won't last long. Nab it.

And now we would like to Introduce you to a new Limited edition release

From the Human Nature Series... "Grace Bay Love" is unabashedly romantic.

"Grace Bay Love" by Ford Smith Limited Edition 36"x 60"

Ford masterfully reveals the gentle radiance of true love in this hidden embrace of entwined lovers. Ford surrounds them in soft blooms of fresh flowers that seem magnetically attracted to this passionate moment. With notable symbolism, Ford plunges the roots of the lovers deeply into the sand to represent the entrenched commitment. "Grace Bay Love" is both romantic, elegant and powerful.

And in other IMPORTANT art news...

The "In Concert" Sculpted Glass Paintings are taking the art world by storm

Yes, this is the iconic "Summer Jewels In Concert" with Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland. 48"x60"

It's an entirely different and breathtaking way to experience a Ford Smith painting...

These 3-dimensional, sculptural interpretations of Ford Smith paintings, in collaboration with sculpting phenom Eddie Freeland, seem to come to life--as if the natural elements of the painting are physically rising from the canvas. It's an art experience that is profoundly unique and utterly enthralling.

The collaborative "In Concert" series is a new art discovery, so they represent an incredible value to a collector with their approachable price points. You won't find more, ahem... cutting edge, superior craftsmanship and artistry for your art dollars than you can at this early stage of the "In Concert" multimedia original paintings.

"Eternal Optimist In Concert" by Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland 30"x40"
"Waves of Passion In Concert" by Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland 48"x48"

view the dynamic 15 second video of Eternal Optimist in concert here...

You'll be glad you did!

Ford's new studio gallery is a personal art experience you won't soon forget.

Every collector wants a story to tell. You'll be our guests visiting Ford Smith's art in this uniquely beautiful and reflective private gallery. You'll stroll through his studio on your way to see this stunning showcase of his work. See paintings in progress as well as those in our personal collection, visit with the artist and sip some wine from the new gallery cellar. You'll also see a few "museum pieces"...! The Roswell, Georgia home studio visits are by appointment only.

Please email, call or text for an appointment: 678-908-1989 or email info@fordsmithfineart.com

Good news for Ford Smith fans up north! Ford will be hosted by our longtime gallery partner, The LaMantia Gallery, on September 14th and 15th in the picturesque town of Northpoint, NY with a collection of new original paintings and limited editions.

Hello! I'm Cristi Smith and this is Ford Smith. We're the primary Ford Smith Fine Art team (as you might expect!). It's likely that you'll be talking to Cristi if you call, text or email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


We hope that you enjoyed this visual newsletter. Let's close with a view of the epic "Lifelong Commitment" (72"x84") now on exhibit at One Atlantic Center's Grand Gallery.

After all, we are making a lifelong commitment to providing you with with the world's most imaginative, beautiful and unforgettable art today and every day. We hope to see you or hear from you soon!

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