Swinton Queen Primary School newsletter 22nd October 2021

Swinton Queen Primary School


  1. Note from Mr Higginbottom - including Christmas dates
  2. Wath Academy Diwali event
  3. Royal British Legion Remembrance
  4. BBC Children in Need
  5. Term dates/INSET days reminders
Note from Mr Higginbottom

Hello! It has been such a busy half term! I've loved meeting you and your children and learning about the things that they love about school. Thank you for attending our head teacher/phase leader meetings this half term if you were able to. Please do talk to me or your child's teacher at any time, though, if you want to discuss your child's time in school.

There's lots to look forward to in the coming half term - we hope that restrictions will allow us to welcome you to Christmas Nativities and services as we approach such an exciting time of year in school. School Christmas Dinner for Children will be on Wednesday 8th December; The Key Stage 2 Christmas Service in Church will take place on the afternoon of Friday 10th December. Nativity Dates will be posted after half term.

Parents evenings will take place shortly after half term. We will let you know of the details of these after the half term break.

Thank you very much for donations as part of our Harvest celebrations. These were taken to Wath Food Bank as a Swinton Queen donation.

The class with the highest attendance this week was Y3/4R - Well done!

Have a fabulous half-term break. Remember that children return to school on Tuesday 2nd November.

Wath Academy Diwali Event

Wath Academy Diwali Event Details:

Remembrance - Royal British Legion

Poppies and other items are available from the School Reception in support of the Royal British Legion at Remembrance time. Children will be able to purchase these at break times - prices range from a donation for a Poppy to £2 for items such as snap-bands, rulers, etc.

Children in Need

We will support BBC Children in Need Appeal day on Friday 19th November 2021 - more details after half term.

INSET Days and Holidays

Just a reminder that Monday 1st November is a staff training day. Children return to school on Tuesday 2nd November.

Please note that we have an additional TWO INSET days to be taken during the rest of the academic year which are yet to be decided. We will inform you of these with plenty of notice.

The autumn term ends on Friday 17th December. Children return to school after Christmas on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

SPRING HALF TERM Holidays starts - Monday 21 February 2022 Back to school - Monday 28 February 2022

EASTER Holiday starts - Monday 11 April 2022 Back to school - Monday 25 April 2022

SUMMER HALF TERM Holiday starts - Monday 30 May 2022 Back to school - Monday 6 June 2022

SUMMER Holiday starts 21 July 2022, children will return to school on either the 1st or 2nd September 2022 (though this is subject to change once INSET days are decided).

For the super organised, holidays for next year can be found here: https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/schools-schooling/school-term-dates-holidays/3

Enjoy the Half Term Break!

Thank you for your continued support of our school and for supporting your child by ensuring they're at school on time and they read at least 4 times each week. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child's time in school you can email enquiries@sqp.wwpat.org, find me on ClassDojo or chat to me at the start or end of the school day.

At Swinton Queen Primary School, children are aspirational, courageous and inquisitive; respectful of all.


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