The school By alexander

On a stormy night a cargo plane was flying animals to a zoo in Alabama. Crash, boom, zap a lighting bolt hit the plane wing and the plane started going down. You could hear the sound of the tearing metal for miles as the plane hit the playground of the school, then hit the side of the building and crashed into the basement. And everything in it ran into the school.

“The invitation says, You're invited to this crazy high school reunion”, read Max in the car. “I had to skip a family dinner for this tonight, so it better be good”, said James as we road into the parking lot of the school. James opened the car door and jumped out. “I brought my revolver just in case”, said Blake. “I brought my hunting knife too!” whispered Max.”There's been rumors that our school got infested with animals”, Max said. As the three men walked into the school. “ How could it get this bad?” he said as he walked down the hallway to the gym.

They had just arrived and there was a stage in the middle of the gym with tables of food set up and a loud generator noise coming from behind the stage. There was a big crowd in the middle of the gym in front of the stage. Someone walked up onto the stage and I could hear something in the catwalk. Stomp, stomp, stomp. The person on stage started talking and the steps got faster and then they stopped. Something hit the floor and everyone turned around and ran! I turned around and I saw a panther! I dashed across the floor and to try to reach for safety! …

The panther started running and knocking over all the things that had been set up. The panther jumped up onto the stage and all of the speakers and stuff had fallen down, blocking the way we had come through. Someone just stood there with a chair waiting for the panther to notice. The panther came down from the stage. I could hear screams saying “ Johnny don't do it! You have so much to live for! “ He held the chair over his head and before anyone knew it the panther jumped at him and he was on the ground.

I was pulled away by Blake. “ run” he yelled. He ran into the gym floor and I heard screaming from Jonny followed by to gunshots and a large howl. “I shot it in the nose two times, now run!” Blake yelled. I ran right behind Blake i saw about 5 people go down into the basement and lock the doors. James and Blake pounded on the door. Let us in! they shook their heads. And we still hit the doors there was a window and we could see through. There were stair and then just water something was coming out of the water! I started yelling to them and pointing but it was just too late. The alligator snatched one of there legs.

I turned around to see the panther and the end of the gym slowly getting up and staring at me. I started running as Blake realized what was happened and he ran next to me. I heard the heavy footsteps of the panther running. James ran into the room unharmed from the panther he tried to sneak into a little office on one side of the room. Blake still kept running. He could hear the panthers paws step and walk past the room. 6 He peaked through the office window and saw 4 little panther cubs sleeping right next to a big panther starting to wake up. He knew this was the end. His heart started pounding, "I should have never done this, I should have not skipped my family dinner, they told me not to go, but I didn't listen," he thought in his head "my parents have always been great parents and now I'm not going to survive to tell them I'm sorry" he thought…

Blake had still kept on running and running until something grabbed at his arm! Max pulled him into a room where they were about 6 people in the room. “Where did the others go?” Whispered Max, “I don't want to talk about it” said Blake. “What about James” said max ,” I thought he was right behind me” said Blake. “I don't know but we have to find him” regretted Max. Max was carving out spears with the materials of the classroom. “Wait, this was my classroom, the science lab!” Said max! “Yea and everyone else's who came here you idiot” said Blake. “Ohh yea!” Max handed him a spear.

James quickly and quietly walked over to the door and locked it. He had noticed that the ceiling had collapsed. He picked up a desk and moved it to where it had collapsed. He jumped up and walked through the hallways. He heard talking and walking. He was in the hallway and he could see through the cracks. The panther walked through the hallways down below. The panther tried to sniff out the people but the only thing that happened was that blood snorted out. “ Blake must have shot that thing in the nose, that's why it can't smell!” Thought James he quickly walked through the hallways.

Snarf they heard, “ what was that” someone said. Max peaked through the hallway and say the panther. He quickly shut the door, “ Barricade the doors he whispered”. No, why, he heard. Because the panther is outside a few classes away. They started to grab anything they could find and to barricade the door.The stench of the blood filled Blake's nose as they they barricaded the door.

James walked through the halls and he could hear noise coming through a classroom he ran in the classroom and all there was is a big hole. Something moved in the hole and he peeked his head through the hole. There was two girls and five guys moving stuff to the doors, and two of those guys where max and Blake. “ navy, what's up” he said everyone stopped. “Just cause I was a navy seal doesn't mean you can call me that” said Blake back. James dropped down to a table, they hugged and said where were you! “I ran into a den of the little panthers” said James. “Ok let's get going” said max. “How about we climb up the ceiling you just jumped out of?” Said Blake. Scratch scratch scratch. “Go up now it's the panther”. They one by one got up through the ceiling and climbed up.

They walked down the hallway to find stairs. The stairs going down had collapsed. The 8 of them ran up the stairs to find a hatch opening to the rooftop. They had finally done it, they had escaped. There was a part of a roof that had collapsed making a slide of some sort leading back to the cars. All of them slid down the big concrete slab that had fallen with the plain crash. The ran around the side of the school into the parking lot. someone had tripped and had fallen and scratched there arm. They helped him up and kept on running, They gotten in there cars and had drove off. They made an agreement and half of the would go to the police to tell them that the school had dangerous animals and that James, max, and Blake would Go and set up appointments for the people that got hurt and after that the the three men went to the bar for drinks.

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