Malware Ruin Your Life not MANY PEOPLE CARE AND acknowledge how harmful malware is


malware: virus that infected into your computer create trouble, make your computer malfunction, or steal your important data.

antivirus: program that help protect computer from infected by malware or known as immunization for computer.

Hacker: a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data, or steal your data.

window defender: software design to protect computers from viruses, spyware and other forms of malware. only available with window 8 and newer operating system.

Ransomware: a type of malware that get into your computer and lock everything unless you pay for it.

Exploit: attack on a computer system, especially one that takes advantage of a particular vulnerability that the system offers to intruders.

Has antivirus era come to an end?

In the 21st century, computer viruses are one of the topics that people are struggling to find solution for. Because viruses are developing faster than antivirus can develop or update. As everyone know the word “Virus” is something that never does anything good for humanity whether it is a computer virus or reality virus. “Flame,” which is just the latest in a series of incidents that suggest that conventional antivirus software is an outmoded way of protecting computers against malware, “was a failure for the antivirus industry,” says Mikko Hypponen, the founder and chief research officer of antivirus firm F-Secure as reported in the article "The Antivirus Era Is Over". Antivirus that have always been used by human for since the good old day can’t handle malware anymore, then it really a wasteful of money for us to try to invest in this industry. By this important alert from the expert in antivirus industry, antivirus era maybe has come to an end. “If you asked the average security expert whether they use antivirus or not, a significant proportion of them do not.” says Grossman, a Chief Technology Officer at security consultancy White Hat Security, who spends his time fighting web intruders for his company’s clients.

Why do people keep creating malware if we know it only creates trouble?

Greed is one of the ultimate reasons why hackers created malware. Hackers make a living through their beloved malware, which everyone hates. Money is the only source that brings the idea of creating malware. Hackers steal your privacy, data from your credit card, and much more important information about you. “To understand why all this malware is out there and why people are making it, all you have to keep in mind is the profit motive. Criminals make malware and other nasty software to make money,” says Chris Hoffman, a technology writer. Hackers and scammers are always ready to steal our bank account, social security, and personal information from all of us. In fact, malware was created in order to provide benefit to cyber criminals. According to the article, “Malware Attacks Get Organized” by SentinelOne, a company founded in 2013 by an elite group of cybersecurity and defense experts, states “Since the early 2000s, almost all malware out in the wild has been created to steal identities, contact lists, passwords, credit/banking information, gamer accounts, photos – any data and resources that can be monetized.” The one ultimate reason why people created malware is because it’s fast and easy for people to leech off money from others. It’s essential for our society to pay more attention to Malware and realize it’s dangers.

money make people blind

Is Ransomware a new mysterious topic for normal computer user ?

Ransomware is one of the most harmful malware that hacker has created because it would infected your computer and freeze everything inside your computer. The only way you can retrieve and save all your document inside your computer is pay money to the hacker through bitcoins. “It's kind of like losing your computer or smashing your hard disk or dropping your computer in the harbor. You are never going to get your data back” after your files are encrypted, says Paul Ducklin, head of technology for the Asia–Pacific region at security company Sophos. Paul Ducklin he is an expert in cyber security which his quote explain us clearly how worse that ransomware can affect our precious data and privacy. Ryan Naraine, head of the Global Research and Analysis team in the USA at Kaspersky Lab, Says, "With this epidemic, the need for increased consumer awareness about ransomware is essential. Consumers today must not only learn about ransomware, but also use solutions to protect themselves against it, including installing internet security, making sure all devices are updated with available software patches, routinely backing up all important digital assets and implementing better user habits.” Since malware is really harmful and dangerous, Antivirus will be the best option that computer users should think about and hope it really help them.

Is antivirus really useless for us?

As we know that computer virus keep update and update, and it makes antivirus not really effective as it used to be anymore. More than this now a day Microsoft updated their new window with a program call window defender and it function as antivirus too. So antivirus is not really an effective topic for people to notice anymore. According to J. Paul Haynes, CEO of Cambridge, Ont.-based cybersecurity firm eSentire, “while antivirus software used to protect against 80 to 90 per cent of threats, but it's now thought to protect against less than 10 per cent because of the cybercriminal tactics cited by Sjouwerman. It gets a little worse every day, every week, every month.” For sure antivirus is really getting weaker and weaker in cyber security area, simply antivirus is getting useless day by day. This happened because of malware is getting stronger and develop faster than antivirus can develop. Darren Bilby, google security engineer, says, "Antivirus does some useful things, but in reality it is more like a canary in the coal mine. It is worse than that. It's like we are standing around the dead canary saying 'Thank god it inhaled all the poisonous gas'." Bilby means that as in general people would think that antivirus is really useful and protective, but in fact it is not really help at all. All we can do is pray to god and hope for the best that antivirus expert can update their antivirus as much as strong than the malware can update.

Should we keep antivirus software update?

It is really important to let your antivirus software up to date. Without updating antivirus, it mean we are in risk of our important data get infected or destroyed by the new updated malware. Malware are always waiting and finding its way to destroy or put us in trouble. Peter Lee, owner and administrator of, says, “Cyber criminals are always looking for holes and vulnerabilities that they can exploit to create new and more powerful viruses. If your antivirus software is not updated against the most current viruses that have been created, you are leaving yourself open for attack. Remember that your antivirus protection becomes outdated as soon as a new virus is released, so it is important to keep it as current as possible.” people should not be careless about get their computer and their antivirus software updating, because updating only give us help and secure rather than causing harm to our computer. It doesn’t take us much time and effort just to update our computer, and it only for our own good and safety. According to iYogi, an independent provider of remote tech support services for software, hardware, and peripherals, “Development of new software with latest bug fixes and enhancement is another reason why you should go for regular updates for your antivirus software. User feedback and testing may lead software developers to come up with great changes to the user interface or the underlying program code. In some cases, updates might come up with new features, which may not be there in your older versions of the program. So, update antivirus software and improve the program efficiency with advance features and functionality such as pop up blocking, spam blocking, web linking scanning and many more.” Surely, if we don’t give much attention and take care our computer enough with cyber security, we will fall into trap some day or even get our document blackmailed by the hacker throughout a malware call ransomware. Overall the latest your antivirus program is, the safest your privacy is.

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