Deforestation in South America By: Pranav r

You have heard people going on and on about how the destruction of the natural environment has been helpful to some causes and not so helpful to other causes. And one of the main causes of natural environment destruction is deforestation. This is one of the many controversial topics around the world. Should we keep the forest? Or should we let the destruction of the natural environment keep going on because it is helping us? There are some benefits for deforestation and there are non-benefits. The destruction of the forest has gone long enough, we need to stop it! And quickly!

Many animals are losing there home to this terrible cause. More than 80% of animals live in the forest. And their environment keeps getting damaged because people need more things to live off. Trees are also dying because people keep taking the forest away. And the environment needs trees because they give off oxygen and they help create water. And what good is an environment without water? And the oxygen helps keep all of the breathing organisms alive.

Deforestation would cause mass flooding. Because there would not be any type of natural system to keep the water from draining, the water would keep flowing in communities and neighborhoods. And this could affect the natural environment more because flooding can ruin the lives of animals on the ground, and not to mention some animals could die because of this. This could also ruin the natural environment more because if people are trying to help the environment and plant a new forest and all of their trees are new all of the trees would get washed away, and that would worsen the way the natural environment worked.

Deforestation can cause the environment to change. If there are no trees covering the soil, then all of the soil would dry up, and the once thick rainforest would become a desert. And to mention about 80% of the animals in the rainforest. And how would the environment cope with such a drastic change? Most of the organisms in the rainforest are used to the humid weather. If they were changed to a dessert they would have to live with almost no water, and this would affect the natural environment because almost nothing would survive.

When you deforest the land it is helpful. deforesting the land is helpful because you can generate more money with more crops and cattle. According to, the USA is one of the leading buyers is Cattle. So this is helping generate more economy because South America is getting money from this. And beef is also one of the most wanted meats in the world, so South America has a lot of it, and they have nowhere to put their cattle. So this why they are deforesting the land, and it is proving helpful. This is helpful to the citizens in South America because they are generating more jobs to help people.

This is the South American Country of Brazil, you can see in the backround there are trees that look like they make up a forest

Farming is proving very beneficial to South America. And deforestation plays a big part into this. Why may you ask? Since South America is growing and it is being populated continent it needs farmland to support all of the people on its continent. This is also beneficial to the environment because the soil is becoming more fertile, so it is easier to plant crops. Farming also helps generate more jobs, which makes the country prosperous. And since the forest is being taken away it is proving beneficial to the citizens because they are getting fed on a regular basis, and they are not starving. Farming is helpful to the citizens of South America.

Deforestation has proven beneficial to communities in South America. According to, more than 10 cities in South America are going to surpass 5,000,000! This is a lot! And because of this, you need more houses and more communities, and because of the growing population in South America, all of the available space has already been used. So they thought of a beneficial way and they are using the Rainforest. And this is helpful because they are staying ahead of their growing economy so the homeless rate does not increase. And this is beneficial to the citizens because they do not have to fear that they will not have a home.

What would I do to stop deforestation? The proposal I would make is, if you cut down one tree you should plant 10 or more tree seeds. This may sound stupid at first but when you take away a tree for some type of use, you should pay for it. And my proposal is that you should just plant the tree, you do not have to water the tree and make sure nobody comes near it. Just plant 10 or more tree seeds in a safe enviorment because you are ultimatley helping the enviorment at the end. This proposal would work because for one bad thing you do, you are replacing it with 10 new things. So that is helping the enviorment at the end, because you are getting more benefical effects than harmful effects. Another reason why this would work is that National Geographic has said that most of the animals in the world live in the forest. And since you are destrying there enviorment, you should make a new one for them. My proposal would be beneficial to the enviorment.

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