future Goals Nathanial Ressler

what i want to do

I've always wanted to go on a cruise to see more of the ocean


most of my family is in the medical field so i want become doctor or surgeon


I can hopefully go on a cruise within 5 years but i will become a doctor/surgeon within 6-8 years

who i want to be

i want to be a surgeon because i think i'll be good at it


family is an important thing to me


i will complete both of these goals within 10 years

what I want to see

I've always enjoyed fireworks because my birthday is the the 4th of July

New york fireworks display

i'm really interested in the ocean but i rarely see it so i'd like to see more of it

more of the ocean

I can complete these goals within the next 5 years

what i want to have

I want to live a long life to see how the future will be

long life

i want to live a peaceful life


I will never be able to complete these goals because they last as long as i do

Where i want to go

I've always wanted to see this because it's interesting to me


I'm interested in the culture and people in Italy

Venice, Italy

i can complete these goals within 10 years


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