Florida Natural History Museum John Yao

Sunday, January 29th I visited the Florida Natural History Museum with my friends Manny and Daniel. We visited each exhibit and soaked in all the museum had to offer most notably : the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit, the Florida Fossils Exhibit , and the South Florida People and Environment Exhibit.

Nature on Display:

My example of Nature on Display comes from the beautiful Butterfly Exhibit. Although there is not a butterfly in this picture, the butterflies were all around the exhibit. What caught my eye most were the beautiful plants present in the exhibit. The stunning colors of the plants popped out and my attention was drawn to them. The landing spots of the beautiful butterflies intrigued me as the most beautiful part of the exhibit. The healthy green plants and the bright pink and yellow flowers taught me how beautiful our natural world can be and the isolated rainforest helped me see that.

Nature and Ethics:

I think Leopold is right, because I didn't appreciate how much of a privilege water is. After visiting the South Florida People and Environments exhibit I went in a cave and read this plaque about drinking water. I gained respect for those before me for their ways of collecting water through ground water and I understood the importance of saving water. Me and my friend Manny were shocked at how this was a way to get water. I think the museum gave us a good understanding of how water accumulates in a cave as groundwater. This museum instilled a responsibility to hold up my end and not waste water like I have before and understand Leopold's assertion.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The Natural History Museum helped me connect to those who inherited this land before us. The life they lived was much different than ours, and to empathize without having a visual of how they lived is almost impossible. I've gained an enormous respect for what our predecessors went through. The way they lived naturally is almost unfathomable for me, because I've had the privilege of living in an age of advanced technology. With that being said, seeing these Native Floridians gives me confidence in our potential in living in the natural world. Perhaps they are the lucky one for experiencing the simple and majestic natural world.

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