Women's Rights Movement Sydni Tripp

What is The Women's Rights Movement? Equal rights for women and to end all discrimination from intuitions, laws, etc. in the late 1800's and early 1900's
Women fighting for the right to vote in the Early 1900's.

Since the women's rights movement, the way women live in society has been changed forever. Although women are still not equal to men in the eyes of the government, we still have come a long way.

Although we still have a gender wage gap, it has improved since the women's rights movement. In 1965, it was reported that women made 50-60 cents for every dollar that a man made in the same job. Now, women currently make 80 cents to every dollar that men earn.
Before the 1960's, women were not allowed to divorce their husband unless he had committed adultery or was a drunk and crazy. In 1969 the Divorce Reform act was passed and women could finally leave their husband without question.
Before the women's rights movement, women were supposed to be a stay at home mom, clean, cook, and take care of their families. With a new wave of independent feminist standing up for women everywhere, more and more women started getting jobs.
From the early 1700's to the mid 1900's women only served as nurses in the military. In 1948 the Women's Services Integration Act and women could now fight along the side of men for the United States. Now, over 16,000 women are overseas fighting for this country.
Women fighting for their choice of abortion. In 1973, the supreme court ruled that abortion is legal. Although their are still regulations varying from state to state.


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