Hope Stirring in the Pursuit of Ending Sex Trafficking

A21 is a campaign established in order to put an end to sex trafficking. The little girl's upset, are pictures used to portray the motive behind the campaign.
This is an example of the types of environments these sex trafficked victims are put into and helps in understanding the need to rescue these women and girls and bring them to a Safe House.
This picture of a needy child holding money up exemplifies the importance of raising money for needy women and girls who can not do it on their own, and need our help in their rescue.

This picture of a smile shows the joy these women and girls feel after being rescued and brought to a Safe House.

This picture shows what a Safe House will be like for these girls after they are recused and can finally feel "safe and at home" somewhere.

This picture portrays the bond these sex traffickers form once they enter into the Safe House and heal emotionally and physically together.


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