Pop-Art William Callison

Day 1- Today we made our sketches for the project so we can see what we like and don't like. Also so we can see what sketch we want to put on our final product. I am making my sketch based on Roy Lichtenstein's pop art. I am making it kinda like a comic book and explosive feel. I will make it with lots of colors and make them pop out to fit the design.

Day 2- Today we worked on our sketches again and were making sure we got the sketch we wanted to put on our final product. I have assured that I want the sketch I am doing. I am going to just finish up the sketch and try and make it as good as possible to fit on the final covers. Then we are going to start on our final sketch.

Day 3- Today we worked on our final sketch which will eventually be the cover and back of our book for the project. I am then going to make the cover shape a square, made out of cardboard. I will cut out the part of my sketches for the cover and then glue them onto the cardboard. Then I will fold the edges over and glue them down to the side.

Day 4- Today we are actually cutting the shape we want for our cover for the cardboard. So I cut my squares for my covers about at the center of my two sketches. I did this so that way you are able to see everything I have drawn even if it is cut off a little bit. Then I used the paper cutter to cut the cardboard into the square shape I want. Finally I glued my designs on the cardboard and made my covers.

Day 5- Today we got a huge piece of paper that we are going to turn into the inside part of the accordion book. We are going to be drawing one sketch on the back of the paper and then drawing another sketch on the back. I will then color the designs and fold them to go into my accordion pop-art book.

Day 6- Today I put one of my sketches on a side of the paper and started coloring it. I have been coloring the whole class and been trying my best to finish this. I used acrylic paint to pint the base of my design and then filled in the rest with orange and black marker because my design is fire.

Day 7- Today I have finished painting and coloring my fire design on one side of the paper. Now I am starting on the back side of the paper and doing a mountain design. I started coloring the mountains with colored pencil and then I am doing the sky purple and green to add color and contrast.

Day 8- Today I Finished my second design of the mountains and the sky. I am now starting on the actual accordion book and I have to Cut my designs and fold them. Then I will cut designs into them to make it look cooler and flow better with the book.

Day 9- Today I cut my designs into thirds and the glued them together to make one long piece of paper. I then folded the paper back and forth to make an accordion and then glued my two covers on each side. I then cut different designs into my accordion book and finally my project was finished.

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William Callison


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