Revolutions in Technology By Christopher Harrell

(Past) Industrial Revolution



People started to use coal in a more affective way that allowed them to make stronger and cheaper iron tools.

Population BOOM

Between 1700-1800 there was a large population boom because of healthier food, healthier people, and decreased death rates.


England was the wealthiest country which allowed them to invest in new ideas and inventions.

Technological Advancemnts


Some of these include

The Steam Boat, which allowed them to travel quicker and to travel with larger amounts of people.

The steam engine was also a large technological advancement that came from the I.R. the steam engine was very powerful and could allow them to power large machinery like the train.


Factories were what allowed countries to start mass producing products which allowed them to start selling products for cheaper prices.


Canals provided massive economic advantages. Canals made common every day transportation much easier.

Pros & Cons


  • There were more jobs for the poor
  • Better Transportation
  • Better Production Rates


  • The start of child labor
  • Loss of farmland which caused poverty
  • The beginning of large pollution

(Present) Digital Revolution


Mobile Phone

The first mobile phone was invented by Motorola in 1973, which allowed people to talk to each other between long distances


The internet was created in 1969 which allowed people to research information and receive instant results.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows people to store information in an electronic "cloud" which removes the necessity of having files, file folders, cabinets, paper work etc.

Technological Advancements

Electronic Devices

These devices allow us to search the web, call or text friends, watch videos, without having to wait.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have allowed us to take pictures of anything and anywhere in the blink of an eye, compared to early time cameras which took excruciatingly long amounts of time to take pictures.


Technological Advancements allow us to use Glopal Position Systems to locate where we are and out destinination and will give us directions, instead of studying maps, or asking for directions.

Pros & Cons


  • Faster Communication.
  • Easier to access information
  • Multi-Tasking is much easier than before


  • Electronic Devices Can become addictive
  • People are not learning social interaction skills
  • Cyber bullying can take place on the internet

(Future) Medical Revolution


Need for Cures

There are still many diseases that we still do not have cures for, such as cancer.

Inaccurate measurements

Most studies are taken from large crowds which makes them less accurate, and makes medicine not effective for groups of people.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery allows a doctor to use a machine that can recognize tremors of the hand that weren't on purpose and cancel them. This allows the surgeon to be much more precise during surgery

Technological Advances

Personalized Medicine

This is not just getting a prescription this if having your own custom medication made specifically for you and your syptoms. This would allow medicine to become much more effective

Long Distance Surgery

Long distance Surgery will allow patients to stay in their city or town and be preformed on by a surgeon who could be out of the country. This could be possible because of robotic surgery.

Stronger Medicine

With or without personalized medicine, the common everyday medicine will become stronger and much more effective

Pros & Cons


  • Lower Death rates
  • Healthier People
  • Faster Surgeries


  • Higher medical bills
  • Overpopulation
  • Using up limited medical resources


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