The Magic of Us By nathan denton

Today is discovered the wonders of the Hindu religion here in New Delhi, India. This city is one of wonders and discovery among the main religion here in India. The idea of Hinduism is that there are three major gods. Brahma, Vishnu, Siva are the gods of Creation, Peace, and Destruction in Hinduism. Did you know that New Delhi was created after the Mongol rule here. Much of its architecture has traces of Islam and is much sturdier and even includes stonework. Along with this architecture the Mongols brought along their Islamic religion and the two religions have competed in India ever since. As the Hinduism is the main religion in India, the Caste System that it creates is more serfdom then ever creating the truest of modern feudalism and hierarchy. Even with this interesting choice the society here is unique and their is no war between the powerful and the peasants like we have seen before.

Buddhist Temple Louyang City, China

Today, I flew all the way to visit Luoyang City, China which is one of Nine Major Buddhist Sites. Buddhism is the belief in no god but that everything we do is created because of us. The idea is the Four Noble Truths, Life is suffering, suffering is because of desire, desire can be overcome, the way to overcome desire is to follow the Eight - Fold Path. This path teaches you how to live you're life. This sacred site is one of the first major Buddhist sites in China which is the religious center, but not the hearth, of Buddhism.

Wailing Wall Jerusalem, Israel

It's the third day and I just got off my flight and i'm in Jerusalem, Israel in front of the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, one of the holy sites of the three dominant religions in Israel. This Jewish site marks the place were Romans destroyed Herod's temple in 70 CE. People put sheets of paper with prayers into the cracks of the wall and it is said that all Jewish followers must visit the wall in their lifetime. The architectural significance of this wall to the religion is that it acts as a holy site not only for jews but many others as well. It also, as I stated before, was built by Herod to deter the Romans bu the temple was the second to fall in 70 CE.

Mary'sTomb, Israel

I drove to Mary's tomb today in Israel, where Mary the Virgin, also known as Saint Mary died of natural causes and was assumed to heaven. She is used as an example of The Sacred Tradition, also she disappeared after being reformed on the third day and being summoned, soul and body, to heaven. This sight has Architectural significance to Christians as it is one of the prime examples of the Sacred Tradition and gives "proof" that heaven exists and will call the worthy when they perish.

The Kaaba, The Great Mosque, Mecca

Today I flew all the way to The Great Mosque in Saudi Arabia which is the most sacred place in Islam and is said to be the area that Muhammad was born and where Adam died after falling from the Garden and wandering. This holy site is a cube that points towards the cardinal direction with its corners and is the first House of worship for Muhammad to Allah. This

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