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The sound art of audio

Studio Amsterdam is the recording studio in Amsterdam Nieuw-West that makes professional recording qualities affordable by working efficient, targetbased and creative.


Everyone has ears, though we all hear different.

We co-create audio-related products like: recording for podcast, voiceover, set sound, band albums, and edit for film and video, overdubbing, editing, re-amping, producing, mixing and mastering for music album, sounddesign, concert registration, soundscape, sounddesign, restoration of existing audio, pre and postproduction, acoustic advice and audio rider for band or theatre group, in our studio or on any location of your choice. Basically just anything that has to do with audio!

Since 1999, we have been working on recording, editing, repairing, mixing and mastering of audio for podcast, video, film, music album, documentary, soundscape, animation, music registration, conference, music streaming and also live reinforcement. You can opt for preproduction, recording, producing, sound designing, editing, mixing and / or mastering. We have several isolated acoustically treated rooms for recording live interaction. And we also carry an ENG-setup for recording on location. We have the proper gear for it!

Sound Design for animation, cartoons, soundscapes and theatre plays. Of course we offer different options like preproduction, composing, producing, recording, editing, mixing and / or mastering. We can combine this with recordings on locations of your choice.

Restoration, re-amping and repair of existing audio like old recordings or recordings with noisy backgrounds. Of course we also edit, mix and / or master these audio tracks.


Walk the talk & talk the walk.

We facilitated audio for podcast, video, film, animations, documentaries, narration, commercials, cartoons and apps. Such as:

Of course we LOVE music! Our clientele varies from Rock band and classical orchestra to singer of Buddhist prayers, while our products vary from live mixing/ sound reinforcement during a tour to concert registration or studio recording. You can opt for preproduction, recording, reamping, editing, mixing and mastering. We have several isolated acoustically treated rooms for this purpose. We can also register live concerts and we can even offer the possibility to reinforce and record your concert at the same time! You can opt for re-mixing the live concert or doing some overdubs for perfection. Check our inventory to see the variety of microphones, preamps and DIs. A few examples of our hand:

Professional Advice, Workshops and Execution of stageplans, recording-layouts, theatre/montage purposes and acoustically challenging spaces. We advice and design riders for bands and theatre(group)s, handle technical production, design plans to solve your acoustic problems. We are certified to provide educational workshops and trainings about audio on locations like conservatory and practical schools.

We are not just audiophiles, we have a broader horizon. We have been working as theatre technicians for theatres like de Griffioen, De Balie, de Stopera (het muziektheater), de Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Carré, het Tropentheater, club Panama, de Pepsi Stage and Heineken Music Hall (AFAS). We have been on a lot of tours with theatre groups like het Nationaal Ballet, Theatergroep Amsterdam, Delta, Munganga and Duda Paiva. We also have been working as lighting and projection experts for Audio Amsterdam, (Lichtwerk), A-light, Bright Light, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Beam Systems. 

about us:

Every sound has its source.

A good audio-engineer is a musician. The thrilling heart of studio Amsterdam is Niek de Wit. He comes from a musical family living down South and has been playing musical instruments since he was seven years old. He started in the reinforcement business at sixteen and has since been perfecting and expanding his skills. He has a group of good audio freelancers with great personalities around him.

Niek studied perceptions in the studies called Culture Organisation and Management at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After graduation he decided to focus fully on frequencies (audio and light). He loves to share so he has been teaching audio for five years at practical schools. Niek expanded his ambitions, which eventually lead to the building of the studio spaces. Here anybody deserves the stage. And there will be no more excuses to get it right!

The social mission

While audiences grow more colourful, most artists on stages remain white and not poor. To create a more realistic mirroring image of our society, Niek encourages multicultural and less wealthy groups to grow and flourish. He knows how it feels in the spotlight since 1979 and he has been working behind the scenes since 1988. Het has experienced both sides of processes: as an receiving engineer (of a house) and as a travelling touring engineer, as live soundman and as recording engineer, as audio expert and light engineer, as ecological, social and sexual and aware being, as musician and as quality seeker. This mix makes your projects affordable at Studio Amsterdam.

A creative guy

Niek is a passionate hardworking and creative dude who works precisely. You will not only feel a warm welcome but you will also appreciate his clear approach of your needs and budgets. He is creative and willing to experiment while he takes out his experiences and theoretical knowledge. He is not studio inventory, but a human being with ears who is sensitive to frequencies and vibrations. He is also a committed parttime audio teacher on Audio Visual and Stage Entertainment studies at the ROC of Amsterdam at the Mediapark in Hilversum.

De studiofacilities:

You can bring an instrument, but not an acoustic environment

You want to record clean, neat and in the shortest amount of time. You do not want the whole band to redo a take because one musician made a mistake. So there was our mission: to provide multiple acoustically isolated rooms!

This studio consists of several separated and acoustically treated spaces. The Control Room, Live Room, Drum Room and both Amp Rooms have their individual own floating floors and have box-in-box structures. Every room has been tuned to its specific needs.

Control Room

The Control Room is where the engineer is monitoring the sound while the musicians are being recorded in the Live Room. This is where the pre-amps and outboard gear are located. Such as 3x BAE (Neve) 1073, API TCS, 3x API7600, Langevin Manley DVC, Joe Meeq, compressors: Manley Elop, TK Audio) and other outboard gear like 2x Warm Pulteq EQ, Bryston amp with PMC TB2+ speakers and Avid Pro Tools HD or Adobe Audition. We need quality to make quality. As you can hear, we succeed in creating the best quality by using a combinatino of analogue vintage sound with digital modern editing and storage tools.

Live Room

The ‘liveness’ of the Live Room can be suited to different setups by using acoustical panels. This way we can reach the best acoustics for your sound. We also have an extended microphone collection, per example: 3x Schoeps (MK4, 41, 8G), Warm U87, Neumann BCM, 2x Electro Voice RE20, Sennheiser E 602, 2x MKH416, 2x MKH40, 2x MD421N, 3x MD421 II, MD441, 2x E865, 2x AKG C414 B ULS, 3x Shure SM58, beta 58, 3x Shure SM57, beta 57, Shure 91a pzm, AKG D112, 2x C1000, 2x Studio Projects C3, 2x C4, 2x SE VR1 ribbon and more. We need gear to steer!

Drum / Vocal Room

The Drum Room has been targeted for the driest recordings of the noisiest or softest instruments and can also be used as a Vocal Room after a small acoustic adaptation, which we can execute on the spot.

The Green and Red Amp Rooms

The Amp Rooms are the rooms in which speaker cabinets or combos can be recorded without the dangers of crosstalk (bleeding).

On your location

We can create recordings on location. This can be desirable for podcast, setsound on filmset or for documentary, registration of concert or reading, soundscape, etc. For ENG-projects we have a Sound Devices Mixpre10 with 4 radiosets, boompole and black blimp. Lavalier microphones such as 3x Sanken Cos11, 2x MKE40, 2x ME2, 2x ME4 en mics like 3x Schoeps (MK4, 41, 8G), Cmit and Sennheiser 2x MKH416, 2x MKH40 plus the whole microphone collection we have to facilitate the recording studio! For recording jobs with more than 8 analogue channels, we have a ProTools M-powered setup.

We can facilitate live mixing (sound reinforcement) with our Yamaha 01V96 mixer and Mackie speakers plus the whole microphone collection. We can also hire additional gear if necessary.

Beside al this, we also facilitate custom audio workshops on request. We have quiet some experience and knowledge to share since the studio exists since the 11th of 11 1999! Niek has a PDG certificate to be a certified teacher.


The only way to make harmonies is to cohere

Tariffs vary depending on profit-targetness of the client, the moment in the week and the amount of hours. The more hours, the bigger the discount. During the week: from €50 ex btw (VAT) per uur, €350 per day (8 hours of work) to less at bigger assignments. And during the weekend: from €60 ex btw (VAT) per hour, €420 per day (8 working hours) to less at bigger assignments. This is an indication and of course, we can individually customise this for you.

Studio Amsterdam

Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125

1063 BJ Amsterdam

(Use the voicemail if I am in session please)

The studio is housed in a building with several small businesses named 'de Vlugt'. Use our bell at the main entrance please. It is near the high speed road ring around Amsterdam (A10). Public transport that stops in our street exists of: Metro 50 and 51 (@ Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan), tram 7 (@ Burgemeester Eliasstraat), busses 21 and 80 daytime en busses 280 and 369 nighttime (@ Burgemeester Eliasstraat). You can park your car in front of the building in the blue zone for free (max. 2 hours if you use the blue parking card) and you can park for free in the living area around.