Blizzards Lead to Infinite Fun Boston 2017

Waken by bright sunlight reflecting from the thick snow outside, you might have been wondering if what you saw was a so-called "blizzard."
According to The National Weather Service, a storm which blows falling snow and reduces visibility to below one-quarter mile, along with sustained winds frequently gusting to 35 miles per hour, qualifies as a blizzard.

Last Thursday's storm in Boston, Brookline and many communities in between definitely counted as a blizzard.

Impassable roads, freezing temperatures, closed shops and paralyzed mass transit made the city almost a standstill.

However, none of those prevented people from having fun outside.

A large playground stretched with a gentle slope in Brookline embodied the dreams of everyone's inner child with its basin-like sledding hill.

About 12-18 inches of snow fell over overnight, transforming the naked playground into a paradise. Having long been tired of staying home, people could not wait to throw themselves on their beloved sleds.

Laughter was everywhere. Shouts of excitement filled the air. As children were sledding, snowboarding, and playing on the ice, over 10 adults, including university students, came along to join the fun as well.

"Although we've got more snow, this time it's more than enough to have a lot of fun," says Eduardo, a Spanish student at Boston University.

Some of his friends from other countries had never seen such big snow storms back home.

A young woman living in Brookline with two kids playing around her also couldn't restrain her excitement and happiness in front of the camera.

May everyone of the city enjoy this year's snow, no matter a couch potato watching it inside or a sports fanatic sledding through a storm.
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Jiaxin Liu


By Jiaxin Liu

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