Chile By zach brandle, josh brown

The hotspot for Chile was located in Coup D'etat this became a h,otspot in during the 1970.

Why did this conflict occur? The conflict that started this hotspot was caused from ideology differences.

The people involved in this hot spot were the president of chile Allende and the CIA.

After this event chile converted to a democracy after being a dictatorship.

This hotspot created more tension between USA and Soviet Union because USA sent forces to stop the spread of communism which the soviets like.

The term that represents this hotspot would be containment because the USA went to chile to try and stop spread of communism. Took down the dictarot ship so communism was not forced.


Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "Chile Grunge Flag" • nathanh100 - "Map of Chile, 1987" • manhhai - "Saigon Nov 1963 - Coup d'Etat" • Mark Surman - "Museum of Communism - Prague-13" • aslakr - "CIA" • ClassicallyPrinted - "american flag american flag" • WenPhotos - "fist strength anger" • Eddie~S - "Containment Facility"

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