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2020 has drawn a lot of confusion on "The BUYING A HOME IDEA!" Don't Let the fear of falling stop you from starting a new foundation with a new start, in a new world, in a new home! So... is it a good time to buy, when is it a good time to buy? Ask now~ 951-442-9537

"Buying a home is one of the largest investments that we make financially in our lifetime."

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Quiero que mis clientes confíen en que seré sincero en cada parte de su experiencia cuando compren una casa. Profesionalmente, me enfoco en la conveniencia que mi empresa y yo ofrecemos a nuestros clientes durante su transacción de compra. Nunca dejo que mis clientes salgan de mi oficina sintiéndose confundidos o preocupados por el tipo de préstamo hipotecario que están recibiendo. Ya sea que proporcionemos un préstamo de $ 50,000 o $ 500,000, mi equipo de préstamos garantiza una solución rápida y directa a cualquier problema al que nos enfrentemos. Si tiene un préstamo que ha sido denegado en el pasado, y no está seguro de por qué, pero está trabajando para comprar una casa en el futuro cercano, llámeme sin compromiso y haré las paces. para enviarte en la dirección correcta.
Cuando me siento con cada familia, trato a cada individuo como si fuera mi único cliente. Mi objetivo para cada cliente es mantener una relación a largo plazo con ellos como si fuera su agente de préstamos familiares. Cuando mis clientes trabajan conmigo, saben que no hay secretos detrás de su préstamo. Permito a mis clientes ver sus tarifas, elegir sus propias tarifas y adaptarlas al producto que más les convenga en el momento de la compra.

Whether we provide a home loan of $50,000.00 or $1,000.000.00, my lending team ensures a fast, direct solution to your home buying needs!


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Merilee Rubalcava~ C.E.O, Owner Infinity Partner: Policy Now Insurance

I've been doing Insurance for Home buyers for over 30 years. I've come to know Lisa thru my line of business and teaming up with Loan Officer, Escrow Officers and Realtors to help their clients. I know Lisa has helped thousands of home buyers to find their 1st home and others their dream homes. She has always gone the extra mile to get the job done. She is quick and effective. Give Lisa a try and you wont be discouraged.

Wow!!! 🤩 An impressive client, a young man in his mid to late 20’s achieving his current Real Estate dream! I was asked by @womenwisdomandwealth if I was up for helping a buyer of hers that was refferred to her. She was adamant that I give awesome and nothing less than great service! Miss Lisa Ledezma is not easily impressed by real estate agents because she understands their are good agents and bad agents. I said, Lisa? That is the only way I know how to work with all my clients, you and your clients will be in great hands 🖐 🤚 and I greatly appreciate yours and the clients trust. It also helped that she heard positive words from our industry peers that had heard of me. We made an appointment and sat with the client to discuss his purchase. My client was purchasing his home with his brother and between the two they were pre-approved for the price they needed. Our client gave us all the information we needed and we immediately got to work 👨‍💻💪to get our client the best deal for their desired needs and location. We found several homes for our client and on our second offer we were successful and went into escrow. By my research, experience, market knowledge, negotiation skills and probate knowledge I recommended my client we offer lower than list price because I saw it was over priced. We closed on this home $14,900 under 🤩 list price and our client received a 1 year home warranty paid by the seller. I want to thank my client for the opportunity and their trust! As well as Lisa Ledezma for confiding in my real estate services. 🤓 #california #real #estate #broker #sold #choose #go #with @yourrealestatebroker1 @goarreba #for #your #home #sale #or #purchase 💪💙🏡👨‍💻🤓👏-DECEMBER 2019

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Quiero agradecer a Lisa por ayudarnos a hacer todo este papeleo. Lisa y su equipo se ocuparon de la casa de nuestra familia y nos dieron prioridad cada vez que los necesitábamos. ¡Al menos así se sentía! "Gracias por apoyarnos, Lisa"
Jorge Pacheco-Plant Manager

August 2018

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have bought many houses in my life and I felt the need to write and let you know what a fantastic buying experience I had using Lisa Ledezma. From the very start, I knew Lisa was different than others - she was clear, organized and full of answers to all of my questions. I knew exactly what information was needed from the very beginning of the process and if I had any questions, Lisa was so easy to contact and her response time was incredible. Our entire process was really kept on track by Lisa with is weekly status updates and constant communication with both buyer and seller. Even my Realtor was impressed and told me she was one of the best he has worked with in the industry and will recommend Lisa again for future clients. I can't say enough great things about Mrs. Ledezma, if you need a mortgage, there is no one better. Highly, highly recommend!!

Delia Garcia, Accountant-Camarillo, Ca

February 2018

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After several years of being married I found myself getting a divorce. I needed to refinance the house to pay the settlement. I was given Lisa's name from a friend of mine whom I trust. It took several months but Lisa and her team made it happen. Lisa has some spunk in her and will do what it takes to get the job done. Thank you for being there for me.

Vasquez Family-Riverside Ca.

February 2018

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Lisa was a great help and an awesome person to work with. For this being our first house she was a big help with information about everything. I would recommend her to anyone buying a house."

Kristin Fortney-Sales Account Executive

Aug 2, 2017

I recently went through the process of purchasing my first home. Choosing a mortgage loan officer wasn't anything I had previous experience with, and I didn't know where to start. A close friend referred me to Lisa, and after our first conversation, I knew she would be the one to support and guide me through the process. Lisa spent quite a bit of time with me to discuss the process and what I should expect step by step. Lisa reviewed various funding options with me, reviewing the pros and cons of each. She got in contact with the Real Estate agent I was working with and was able to coordinate providing all the required information so that I could quickly and effectively submit my offer for the house I fell in love with. There were multiple offers, as well as multiple conditions and contingencies that the seller needed to incorporate into the sale. Lisa was responsive, thorough and a pleasure to work with the whole way through. She ensured all parties had what they needed to move forward without delay. I had anticipated that going through the application and approval process would be cumbersome and confusing, however, Lisa made everything so easy and surprisingly simple. I am so happy that I chose her as my mortgage loan officer, I would recommend her to my closest friends and family.

This house is the best gift I have been able to give my wife of 32 years for Valentine's Day, AND YOU MADE IT ALL HAPPEN. Thank you Lisa.

Charlie & Josefina Vess, Fontana Ca. FEBRUARY 2017

I have dealt with many mortgage professionals, Lisa Ledezma provided the professionalism and work ethic that is required when chasing dreams. With Lisa you can expect relentless effort to achieve your goals. Our family is extremely grateful for all the hard work displayed by Lisa and her team. Our loan was denied by several other lenders, Lisa percerviered in the face of adversity and placed us in a dream loan that saved my family hundreds of dollars a month and thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. I look forward to referring anyone going thru the loan process to Lisa. Dreams can come true if you choose Lisa as your mortgage professional!!!!!! Thanks Again!


Very helpful and a hard worker. We got an amazing house and it was thanks to Lisa.


Mr. & Mrs. Grant Silva - Victorville, CA 2014

Lisa helped our family find the right agent, who helped us find the right house. When we first started looking to buy, a friend of ours recommended Lisa. She's amazing.. She's kind, helpful, truthful, and loves what she does. #FAITH/HOPE/LOVE


I have never personally met such a hard working loan agent . Lisa was very attentive and made sure we were informed during the whole process. I would definitely recommend Lisa to my friends and family. I will use her again for my future loans. Thank you Lisa
Nunca he conocido personalmente a un agente de préstamos tan trabajador. Lisa fue muy atenta y se aseguró de que estuviéramos informados durante todo el proceso. Definitivamente recomendaría Lisa a mis amigos y familiares. La usaré nuevamente para mis préstamos futuros. Gracias Lisa
My family purchased a home six months ago. She either picks up the phone right away, or she'll call or text you back within minutes. She’s a mom with three kids, coach’s soccer, and works full time. Yet she still makes things happen for other people. She doesn't bullshit you and she doesn't try to sale you. Lisa will show you the rate sheet & let you pick the best rate. If she says that you’re approved, she means it! "Miracle worker", is an understatement! Lisa Ledezma has a heart for helping people and she does it because she's great at it. We were told by two other banks that turned us away & never called us back. She took the time to look at everything we gave her and she made it work. She spent 2 hours explaining the home buying process, & what we needed to do to clean up our credit. We will continue to use her in the future. Lisa, you're incredible, thank you!


Recientemente trabajé con Lisa Ledezma para refinanciar mi hipoteca y ha sido increíble. Ayudó durante todo el proceso y lo hizo de manera rápida y fácil. Cada vez que tenía problemas con un documento o algo por el estilo, ella me explicaba qué hacer. Hubo algunos obstáculos durante el proceso, pero ella los manejó como un profesional. No creo que hubiera podido hacer esto sin él. Fue un placer haber trabajado con ella y espero trabajar con ella en el futuro


Senior Mortgage Specialist - NMLS: 251225

Call me at: 951-442-9537

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Email me: lledezma@PRMG.NET

Se Habla Español

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