4B15 Asha Horton My adventures to america

Where I came from to where I live now

My mom woke me up one morning and said Mackenzie, "get what you can carry and lets go". I was so confused, but I didn't want to ask her what we were doing because we were in a rush. My dad and my brother's bag was packed so they hurried to catch up with us. One of the main things a brought was my dog. He was my life so I needed him. We rushed to this boat we hurried on and I felt bad for the people that had to sleep on the bottom floor, but I was first class. The steak up there was so good, they even had pet food it was cool. The bed was different than the one at home but it was still comfortable. I meet a couple of new people, it was interesting to hear other peoples story's the most interesting person came from France. My brother met a few people to but he was a chatter box so I see why that happened. After a few days it got boring so I asked the person in first class to turn up the music and we danced and pranced all around. Surprisingly my dog even met a friend. I got sick a little, and I threw up a couple of times. Its been about 6 weeks and one day, my family, my dog and I were eating dinner and my parents just started crying and screaming with joy. I had no idea what there making such a big deal out of but then I turned and faced the way they were and I saw it. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen so far, but you can't forget, I'm only 10. We arrived to this place with lots of tall buildings, and this ginormous rusty dusty statue was wright in front of us and now I know why my parents brought the Polaroid camera with like 20 packets of film. she dug thorough every thing to find the camera and a packet of film and we asked some random to take about 5 pictures of our family in front of the so called Statue Of Liberty. A person directed us to the biggest room I've ever seen, but one again don't forget I'm only 10. It was so scary at first because my brother and I got separated from our parents and our dog. They took us to this place were they checked our eyes. I was scared they were going to do that to my dog and hurt him but he was fine. We went through the rest of the hall and I was so happy that my whole family made it through. Now I live in New York Buffalo. My parents found a good school that me and my brother can both go to. So most days we do school but on the weekends I have friends over but they usually want to go to my house I guess because its so big.

Parts of lady Liberty
  1. She holds a tablet which is a symbol for law and government
  2. She stands on a broken chain which means freedom
  3. She is made from 20 sheets of coper
  4. She was made in France
  • I liked the audio because it was cool to hear how they felt.
  • I also liked the photos because you could actually see what they saw.
  • The writing part it was fun to make up all types of things


Ellis island inter active tour

BrainPopJr Statue of Liberty

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